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ADCOM (International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication) is an important conference organized annually by Advanced Computing and Communication Society (ACS), in collaboration with one educational institution in India. Advanced Computing and Communication Society is a registered society founded to provide a forum to individuals and institutions interested in the promotion of Advanced Computing and Communication technologies. The fifteenth edition of ADCOM (ADCOM-2007) will be hosted by Computer Science and Engineering Department at IIT Guwahati during 18-21 December 2007.

ADCOM is a major international conference in the field of Computer Science and Communication held annually in India. This conference provides a common platform for the researchers and professionals from Industries, R&D and Educational Institutions, Government Organizations, Universities and Under/Postgraduate students to share and disseminate their innovative and pioneering views about recent trends and developments in the areas of computer and communication Technologies. A large number of delegates from all over the world take part in this conference every year.

A pre-conference tutorial is always being planned with this conference for the students and research community. In ADCOM 2007 also there will be pre-conference tutorials. A limited number of fellowships will be provided for students/researchers/faculty member of educational institutions from India to enable them to attend the tutorial as well as the conference.

Many rural community development experts believe that whether rural community flourish in coming decades or become increasingly isolated may depend, in part, on how they exploit information technology. The major obstacles to development in rural communities are distance and dispersion. People are far from information and opportunity as well as from each other. This geographic barrier can be reduced through practical applications of information technology in all possible areas like education, healthe, agriculture, tourism, business, etc. By looking into these aspects, the main theme of ADCOM-2007 is decided to be "Communication and IT for Rural Environment".

Accepted papers will appear in printed proceedings and will be published by IEEE Computer Society Press. Papers will also be available in IEEE Xplore