1. Development of abiotic stress resilient tropical pulses through tailoring of ABA receptor genes (DBT Program Support, Phase-II, 2016-2021)
2. Plant probiotics to improve crop production in low nutrient soil (DST-JSPS Indo-Japan project, 2015-2017; Collaboration with Prof. Hiroyuki Koyama, Gifu University)
3. Exploring the binding space to develop an optimal transcriptional control system for abiotic stress tolerance in crops (DBT Unit of Excellence, 2014-2017; Co PI Prof. Biplab Bose)
4. Amelioration of boron deficiency in Indian mustard (Japan Government sponsored project; Collaboration with Prof. Junpei Takano, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)
5. Development of transgenic cowpea for insect resistance through RNA interference technology (DBT, 2015-2018; collaboration with Prof. M. V. Rajam, Delhi University South Campus, New Delhi)
6. Development of transgenic cowpea for virus resistance using the tool of RNA interference (DBT, 2012-2016; Collaboration with Dr. Sunil Mukherjee, formerly at ICGEB, New Delhi)
7. A novel energy efficient hydrodynamic cavitations technique for extraction of oil from micro algae for biodiesel (CSIR)
8. Development of sustainable cost effective process for the removal of nitrogen and phosphorous from wastewater using microalgae coupled with carbon dioxide sequestration (Co PI, CSIR)

Completed Grants

1. Development and evaluation of transgenic mungbean over expressing AtNHX1 and AVP1 for salt tolerance (DBT, 2009-2014)
2. Development of pod borer resistant transgenic pigeonpea and chickpea (ICAR National Fund; 2011-2013; Coordinator Prof. Late S. K. Sen, IIT Kharagpur)
3. Cloning and characterization of STOP1 transcription factor from cowpea and its functional analysis (DST-JSPS Indo-Japan project, 2012-2014; Co-PI;
Collaboration with Prof. Hiroyuki Koyama, Gifu University)
4. Development and establishment of efficient ultrasonic-assisted oil extraction process (CSIR, 2012-2015; Co-PI)
5. Super critical fluid extraction of natural antioxidants for food preservation from spices and non conventional fruits endemic in North eastern region (DBT, 2012-2015, Co-PI)
6. Molecular cloning and functional Analysis of Na+ /H+ antiporter gene in Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L Walp) (DBT, 2008-2011; Co-PI)
7. Amino acid polymorphism in conserved Motifs in HMA proteins and Heavy Metal Resistance in Plants (DST-JSPS Indo-Japan project, 2009-2011; Co-PI; Collaboration with Prof. Hiroyuki Koyama, Gifu University and Dr. Satoshi Iuchi, RIKEN BRC, Japan)
8. Genetic engineering of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) for resistance to pod borer and bruchid (DBT, 2007-2010)
9. Cloning of elite germplasm of Jatropha for large scale plantation (DRDO, 2007-2010)
10. Genetic engineering of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) for storage pest resistance (DST Fast Track; 2004-2008)
11. Oil analysis and DNA fingerprinting of Jatropha and Patchouli accessions (NEDFi, 2008-2009)
12. Development of micropropagation technology for Jatropha: A potential biofuel plant (NEDFi, 2006-2008)