Synthesis of Science and Spirituality:

My extracurricular academic research is focused in the area of science, spirituality and the nature of reality.  This research involves exploring the ever dynamically evolving areas of finer areas in science such as consciousness studies, nanotechnology, stem cells and attempt to integrate them with the finer principles of humanity and spirituality for fostering towards a balanced worldview and application in personal as well as professional experiences.
Take the case of stem cells.  In few stem cell research activities, the embryo is killed to obtain good quality stem cells for academic research.  Such an approach is bound to trigger ethical issues as the dignity for human life is jeopardized.  There have been some scientific advances where skin cells have been reprogrammed to behave as stem cells, and such research is well appreciated by the society for not triggering the ethical issues.  Therefore, it appears that ethical principles fostering towards peace and harmony of the society need to be firmed well in the society to adapt technological and scientific evolution in the society.  Then comes the basic question of ethics, that how ethics and ethical rules can be defined.  A deeper study of ethical principles opens the front to the domain of spirituality that amalgamates  the principles of universal brotherhood, compassion, humility, morality and forgiveness.
In various other examples, I wish to critically examine the nature of science and scientific methods, spirituality and religious practices and wish to comprehend the nature of the reality in a broader perspective.  For any further querries on this subject matter, please contact me at my email address.