Research Outcomes:
Comprehensive list of Research Outcome
1. Bhatluri  K.K.,  M.S. Manna, A.K.  Ghoshal and P.  Saha (2015). “Separation of heavy metals from wastewater by electrodeposition integrated supported liquid membrane”, filed application for Indian patent, ref. no. 733/KOL/2015.
✔ Separation -Wastewater treatment
Recent Journals:
49. Reddy R.B. and P. Saha (2016). “Kautz Filters based Model Predictive Control for Resonating Systems”, International Journal of Dynamics and Control. (in press, DOI 10.1007/s40435-016-0242-1) ✔ Process Control
48. Misra S., R. Reddy and P. Saha (2016). “Model predictive control of resonant systems using Kautz model”, InternationalJournal of Automation and Computing, (in press) ✔ Process Control
47. Aadaleesan P. and P. Saha (2016). “A Nash Game Approach to Mixed H2 /H  MPC: Part 3 - Output Feedback Case”, International Journal of Automation and Computing, (in press)  ✔ Process Control
46. Kumar A., M.S. Manna, A.K. Ghoshal and P. Saha (2016). “Study of the supported liquid membrane for the estimation of the synergistic  effects of infl uential parameters on its stability”, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 4, pp.943–949. ✔ Separation - Liquid Membrane
45. Bhatluri K.K., S. Chakraborty, M.S. Manna, A.K. Ghoshal and P. Saha (2015). “Separation of toxic heavy metals from its aqueous solution using environmentally benign vegetable oil as liquid membrane”, RSC Advances, 5, pp. 88331-88338.  ✔ Separation - Wastewater treatment