International Collaborative Project
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1. Special project on “TBR, Experimental-CFD” Department of Chemical Engg, University of Los Andes, Cr. 1 Este # 19 A – 40, Bogotá, Colombia, Edificio Mario Laserna, ML-214, Tel: +57 1 3 39 49 49 ext: 1879 2013 Till Date Mr. Paula Puentes  Dr. Nicolás Ratkovich
Prof. Jorge Mario Gomez
2. Experimentation and CFD simulations of vertical two-phase gas-liquid (Newtonian and non-Newtonian) Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, Department of Chemical Engineering. Cra 1 No. 18A-12, Bogota, Colombia 2012 2013, completed Dr. Nicolás Ratkovich (Post-Doctoral Fellow) Prof. T. R. Bentzen
Output from collaborative project:
International Journal Publications from the International Collaborations:
  • Ratkovich N., Majumder S. K., Bentzen T. R., 2013. Empirical correlations and CFD simulations of vertical two-phase gas-liquid (Newtonian and non-Newtonian) slug flow compared against experimental data of void fraction, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 91(6), 988-998.
  • Ratkovich N.R, Bentzen T.R*, Majumder S.K, Rasmussen MR, 2012. Experimental and CFD simulations of vertical two-phase slug flow for gas-Newtonian and –non-Newtonian liquids, I: 3rd EBECEM - Brazilian Meeting on Multiphase Flow and Phase Change Heat Transfer. 2012. Forskning - peer review Konferenceartike l i proceeding, VBN Publication