The department hosts state of the art facilities to conduct solid/ liquid/ gas phase analysis for guiding fundamental and applied chemical engineering research. The Analytical Laboratory of the department houses sophisticated instruments having a wide variety of applications like Particle Characterization, Concentration Measurement, Titration, Rheological property analysis etc.

Facilities Available in Analytical Laboratory:
Instruments available for analysis and their typical applications are given below:

Sl No Name of Instruments Status Remarks
1. UV Vis Spectrophotometer Working  
2. High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) Working  
3. Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer Working  
4. BET Surface Area Analyzer Working  
5. Gas Chromatograph (GC) Working  
6. Laser Particle Size Analyzer (LPSA) Not Working Engineer will visit soon
7. Rheometer Working  
8. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) Working  
9. Tensiometer Working  
10. Autotitrator Not Working Burrete is not working
11. Karl Fischer Titrator Not Working Engineer wil visit soon
12. Rotavapor Working  
13. Millipore Water Synthesis Unit Working  
14. FTIR Working  
15. Delsa Nano Working  
16. Spining Drop Tensiometer Working  
17. Polarimeter Working  
18. Chemisorb Working  
19. DSC Not Working Engineer will visit soon
DST- FIST Funded Analytical Instruments:
Sl No Name of Instrument Status Remarks
20. Working  
21. Not Working  
22. Working  
23. Working  
The instruments in the Analytical Laboratory are available for analysis to other Departments and Centers within IITG as well as other Institutes and External Agencies.
To request an analysis with any of our instruments:
Internal User (from IIT Guwahati) : Is required to register his/ her request through an Analysis Request form. Click here to download Analysis Request form.
External User (outside IIT Guwahati): For requesting Analysis, please Click here
Please Contact: HoD Chemical Engineering: 03612582251 or 
Chemical Engineering Office -0361 2582300/ Analytical Lab -0361 2582294.

UV Vis Spectrophotometer
Used To determine the Absorption/ Transmission Spectra of the analyte.Different measurement methods like Scan, Concentration, Wave program and Time Drive method available.Typical Application includes concentration measurement.

High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC):
Binary HPLC system for Chromatographic separations. Equipped with RI and UV-Vis Detectors.

Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer:

For differential thermo gravimetric studies, SDTA analyses under defined atmosphere (inert or reactive). With Temperature programming upto 40 segment runs, Furnace temperature upto 1100degree C and measurement precision upto 1 micro gram.


BET Surface Area Analyzer:

For measuring the Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution. Measurement at Liquid Nitrogen Temperature. Important instrument in Particle Characterization.


Gas Chromatograph (GC):
For typical gas chromatography applications with provision for gas as well as liquid injection of samples. Equipped with three detectors viz. TCD (thermal conductivity detector), ECD (electron capture detector) and FID (Flame ionization detector).

Laser Particle Size Analyzer (LPSA):
Measures Particle Size Distribution of suitably dispersed field of particles in the range 0.02 to 2000 micron. Provision for both Dry (using Air as dispersing media) and Wet (using suitable dispersant) dispersion available.

Used for dedicated study of Rheological properties of fluids, both Newtonian and Non-Newtonian. Equipped with several measurement geometries like Cone-Plate, Cone-Cup, Serrated Cone etc.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS):
Used To determine metal Ion concentration using Flame Mode. Uses Air-Acetylene or Nitrous Oxide- Acetylene Burner. Equipped with Vapor Generation Accessory and Electro thermal Controller for flameless hydride vapor analysis.

Instrument dedicated to the study of Surface tension and interfacial tension phenomena. Measurement option using surfactant addition and measurement at different temperatures using Julabo circulator available.

Autotitrator :
Used for Automatic Titration of Redox, Acid- Base reactions. Also used for Argentometric titrations.


Karl Fischer Titrator:
Used To determine the Moisture Content of the sample. Uses pyridine free Karl Fischer Reagent for titration and Dry Methanol as solvent.


Used for Low pressure recovery (though evaporation) of solvent below boiling point.


Millipore Water Synthesis Unit:
Used for synthesis of de-ionized water applying RO and EDI technology. Synthesizing Grade I water with Resistivity, TOC <10ppb and particle <1 (0.22micorns per ml) Indispensible for various experimental, reaction and analytical purposes.

DST-FIST Funded Analytical Instruments:

Make: Accurion, Model-Nanofilm
To measure optical constant, thickness and refractive index of thin film. Also equipped with  Langmuir-Blodgett troughs to prepare mono layer films.

Make: Bruker, Model-D8- Advance
Powder X-ray diffraction application used for structure determination, crystallinity and phase identification.

Interfacial Rheometer:
Make: Anton Paar, Model-Phsica MCR301
For rheological measurements on interfacial layers at liquid/liquid and gas/liquid interfaces.

Gas Chromatograph:
Make: Bruker, Model : 450 GC
For typical gas chromatography applications. Equipped with three detectors viz. TCD (thermal conductivity detector), Pulse Flame photometric Detector) and FID (Flame ionization detector).