About the Centre

Centre for Rural Technology at IIT Guwahati is established newly in the year 2016 to promote multidisciplinary activities. Centre will impart teaching, to conduct research and to provide consultancy in various facets of rural sectors with special emphasis on training and research needs of the Indian rural sector and contributing to international research in Appropriate Technology for rural community. The centre in close collaboration with NGO, voluntary organizations, R&D institutes, Government programs/ schemes will provide facilities to innovators/ engineers to contribute meaningfully to the nation to answer the issues like poverty, under developed economy, unemployment, of the rural sector and the challenges imposed by resource constraints. Faculty members from various departments of the institute such as Biosciences and Bioengineering, Civil Engineering, Design, Mechanical Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences are associated with the centre for the promotion of interdisciplinary research for Rural Development. To support the research work in the projects, the centre has two academic programmes - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Technology (MTech).


To disseminate the scientific and technological benefits to the rural sector by equipping them with the latest technology and to create the model for the nation.


Our long term mission is to

•  Identify the problems of rural sector (socio-economic and environmental related issues) requiring appropriate science and technology inputs

•  Develop sustainable technologies, involving the faculty and students of IITG, by blending appropriately modern 'S&T' with traditional knowledge and wisdom, for solving the problems

•  Transfer/disseminate the technologies involving government and non-government organizations/institutions for employment generation, poverty alleviation and community development

•  Restoring ecological balance by conserving and developing natural resources i.e land, water, vegetative cover especially plantations

•  Undertake appropriate teaching (for sensitizing students), research, information/S&T dissemination and outreach related activities and network with other technical institutions, NGOs, government agencies, and rural/SSI industries, for achieving rural development

The centre is determined to accomplish the mission through research projects as well as academic and training programmes.