KIC-TEQIP STC on Real Time Embedded Systems:

Design, Verification and Test

27th - 29th Nov. 2014

Venue: Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Assam, India

Important Dates

  • Last date of receipt of filled-in brochure: 8th October, 2014

  • Intimation of selection: 10th October, 2014


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Brief Description

Scope and Objectives of the Proposal

More and more embedded systems and devices used in our modern society must provide response that is both correct and timely. These embedded systems often operate in environments where safety is a major concern. Examples range from simple systems like air conditioners, toasters, washing machines to highly complex systems like automotive and avionics systems, nuclear reactors and space shuttles. In order ensure that these systems meet their specifications in terms to functionality, timeliness and reliability, sound specification, design and analysis methodologies are essential. The course would provide an overview of various phases of a Real time Embedded System design flow. Further, hands-on would be given on standard CAD tools pertaining to each of these steps. The objective of the course is to provide a broad overview of both theoretical and practical aspects of a design flow for real-time embedded systems


Topics to be covered

Initial Plan of the Topics:

Introduction to Design of Real-Time Embedded Systems:

  • Overview of embedded systems architecture
  • Introduction to real-time systems
  • Real-time embedded systems design challenges
  • Power, cost, area, reliability
  • Specification Methodologies
  • Recent design trends

Real-Time Scheduling and Schedulability Analysis:

  • Determination of computation time
  • Uniprocessor scheduling
  • Multiprocessor scheduling
  • Power aware scheduling
  • Scheduling under overloads
  • Schedulability analysis

Fault-Tolerant Systems:

  • Introduction
  • Hardware fault tolerance
  • Information redundancy
  • Software fault tolerance
  • Checkpointing
  • Case studies

Testing and Verification of Real-Time Systems :

  • Discrete event systems
  • Model checking of finite state systems
  • Verification using timed automata
  • Combinational equivalence checking
  • Temporal Logics
  • Modeling sequential systems and model checking
  • Symbolic model checking


Brief Description on Impetus to Educational Technology

Importance of the proposal

High performance real-time Embedded Systems development goes through several phases including specification, design, implementation, verification and testing. The short term course would provide a theoretical overview of the steps involved in these phases. The coverage is kept wide, but brief, to include all the phases. Most of the real-time and embedded system courses being offered in various colleges of India do not have exposure to all the phases (limited, mainly to design) without much exposure to the basic theory and CAD tools. This course will attempt to provide proper direction to the attendants (teachers) for formulating detailed UG and PG level course along with proper laboratory support.

Benefits to the teachers

After attending the course the teachers can formulate complete UG and PG courses on the following topics:

  • Real-time embedded System Design
  • Fault-tolerant System Design
  • Embedded System Testing and Verification
The exposure to CAD tools would also help them setting up UG and PG level laboratory courses for the topics mentioned above.