We are a group of five faculty members, three research staff members and twenty five students. We love data and we hate the fact that we do not understand it well enough. But, that is what gets us going. We start with a range of fun and interesting courses on Machine Learning and Data Mining in our department. We work on various fundamental research questions. What new type of knowledge can be derived from data? How data can be transformed to new representations so deriving the knowledge becomes feasible? We also get kick out solving real world problems. We are working on mining clinical records to better understand the diseases and improve decision making in medicine. We are building better recommender systems that tap social connections while preserving privacy. By the way, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty. We build scalable systems to demonstrate effectiveness of our ideas. We are building systems for Wikipedia mining, text to speech synthesis for Indian languages, sports data analytics, real estate price prediction and many more. If you are a data driven person, do join us.