Research Infrastructure


UE-HCI Lab has the following equipment to conduct Research and Design experiments.


Eye Movement Recorder (Tobii x50)

Eye Tracking Experiemnts for Usability Testings



Bio-Feedback Recorder (GSR, ECG and EEG)

Galvanic Skin Resistance, ECG, EEG recorder at UE-HCI Lab BCI experiment in progress at UE-HCI Lab




Electronics Prototyping Unit with Arduino, Transducers, Soldering Station

Facilities includes various sensors, transduces, actuators, wearable electroinics, microcontrollers like arduino and phidgets.



Electronic White Board

Experiments in progress with interactive electronics whiteboard at UE-HCI Lab




AR Headset

Experiment in progress at UE-HCI Lab




VR Sony Station (CET)

Virtual Reality set at Centre for Education Technology




Microsoft Kinect v2

Computational thinking project using kinect




3D Printer

3D printer based projects include heritage conservation


User Testing







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