International Tie-ups


List of National and International  institutions interacting with the  UE Lab through projects /student internships in Interaction Design


1.   IIM Bangalore  (ET, QM  Information Systems)

2.   Copenhagen Business School , Department of Informatics, Denmark

3.   Napier University, Scotland

4    Indo European Usability Partnership  UK,  EEC

5.   EPFL Lausane, Switzerland

6.   ENST, Telecom Paris

7.   GTI, ETSIT, UPM, Madrid

8.   Fraunhofer IAO, Stuttgart

9.   University of Saskatchewan, Canada

10. Koln International School of Design, Cologne, Germany

11. University of Twente, Netherlands

12. LUSSI Department, ENST Bretagne, France

13. University of Applied Sciences, Dornbirn, Austria.

14. Nanyang Technological University Singapore

15. University of  Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

16. ICTT Lab, France

17. University of Stuttgart, Germany




Collaborative work understanding on short-term research investigations through student exchange and Internship programs have been entered into mainly European Institutions by faculty in-charge of the UE-HCI Lab mainly between 2005 and 2010. Student interns from the USA, and Europe has visited UE-HCI Lab.


Some Projects on which they worked on during Internship abroad were carried forward as Thesis projects in the UE-HCI Lab after their return. In the past 14 years over 100 students intending to specialize in the UE-HCI stream from IITG have interned  in more than 30 different Institutions / Research labs / Industry mainly in Europe  and the USA some of which are listed below:


1.  Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2.  Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

3.  EPFL- Lausanne, Switzerland.

4.  Ecole National Sup Ecole National Superioir Technopol, Brittgne [France].

5   Indiana University – USA (Student from Indiana University has interned at IITG - 2007).

6.  Linkage with Ecole National Superioir Technopol, Brittgne [France] - Dept LUSS - Logic for User

     Social Sciences and Informatique, on the project: Developing a Web based   information system

     for B.Des student sent on internship with Prof. Serge Garlatti.  May - July 2005.

7.  Collaboration and internship [A.Singal] with NOLDUS ; Wageningen, Netherlands  [ A UE Software

     firm] with Dr. Andrew Spink on project: Development of Guidelines for Usability testing.

8.  Linkage for student internship [V.Panwar] with  University of  Twente - Human Media Interaction

     group. Informatiqe department, Enschede, Netherlands with Prof.  Anto  Nijholt. May - July2005.

9.  Internship [S Nainwal] & colabration with EPFL - Lausanne’s Computer & Communications group

     on Project Spatial annotation of maps - Shoutspace [part of STAMPS frame work] - context of

     physical space in mobile communications with Prof. Pierre Dillenbourg. May-July 2005.

10.T- Systems International GMBH - R&D division of Datatech Telecom, Berlin; 3D Product

     Presentation in personalised user environments - a project on augmented reality. Internship

     [Shivaramkrishna] with Dr.Martin Kurze. May -July 2005.

11.Ecole Central de Lyon - ICTT Lab, France on IRVO project -interaction with real & virtual objects

     [Interned by Tanuj Shah] with Prof. Bertrand David, May -July 2005.








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