Sponsored Research Projects


Sponsored R&D Projects


  • 2005 - 2009. Project Title: Cultural Usability in Human- Computer Interactions. CULTUSAB. Sponsoring organization: Danish Research Council - CBS Denmark & IITG; Role: Principal Investigator & Coordinator. funded by Danish Council for Independent Research (DCIR)


  • 2009 - 2010; Project Title: Creative Design, Prototyping & Experiential Simulation Lab. Under the National Mission Project for Virtual Labs. Sponsoring organisation : MHRD; Role: Principal Investigator.- IITG.


  • 2012 -2013 Project Title: NPTEL – MHRD project Phase 2 & 3. MOOCs; Sponsoring Agency MHRD, Govt. of India; Role: Principal Investigator – IITG.


  • 2013-2014  Project Title: Standardisation of Virtual Keyboard in Indian Languages (Assamese). Sponsoring Agency: DeitY - Consortium of IITs & CDAC.   Role: Principal Investigator.


  • 2014- 2016 : Bharat MOOCs – On Line  Certificate Courses – Role: Principal Investigator & Coordinator at IITG


  • 2013 - 2015: Project Title: Technical Quality Improvement Program (TEQIP-II). Sponsoring Agency: MHRD- Govt. of India; Role: Principal Investigator & Coordinator -Knowledge Incubation Cell, CET, IITG.


Sponsored R&D Ongoing Projects

  • Design and development of Electric scooter. – A    IITG interdepartmental (EEE & DoD) Industry – R&D proposal.This project is under processing with Dean R&D. This project is the first of many planned  under a MoU signed between IITG and NFTDC - Nonferrous Materials Technology Development Center, Hyderabad. FTDC is a Govt. of India Autonomous self-financing R&D Lab under the Ministry of Mines.   Principle Investigators: Prof. Pradeep Yammmiyvar – DoD (Product Design) and Dr. Praveen Kumar, Associate Professor , – EEE ( Electronics and Electrical Systems of Electric Vehicals).


  • IITG - University of Norway  Joint Research project named  “ Technology in Design Education (TiDE)”   has been proposed by UE-HCI Lab  and is under consideration for funding by DST. This project is in the area of developing E-Learning frameworks under cross-cultural e - classroom environment. It is in the area of Educational Technology, Learning and Pedagogy. Broadly, it falls under Human Computer Interaction Research. Principle Investigator : Dr. Debayan Dhar. Co Investigator - Prof. Pradeep Yammiyavar- DoD.


  • Design for the Elderly -  a SMART City consortium project in collaboration with Department of Architecture- IIT KGP  (2014 - present).


Consultancy Projects & Industry- Institute Initiatives

  •  Executed 15 consultancy projects for multinational corporations in Product Development, Innovation Management and Design. Consultant to small scale Industries, Government bodies and Educational Institutions (including Private) in the areas of Design, Design Management, Design Thinking Training.


  • List of clients include ICT companies such as – Infosys, SASKEN, JDA Software, Startups, Government agencies and private enterprises. Private Educational Institutions for Expert Curriculum and Pedagogy Advice


  • Currently interacting with IT Industry and Entrepreneurs by taking exploratory projects for students to work on as part of Institute - Industry Partnership.






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