1.   Introduction to Finite Element Methods under QIP , March 2004

2.   A lecture on “New Horizons in Educational Technology”, UGC Sponsored Workshop on the Mass Communications at Academic Staff College, Gauhati University, 27 February 2007.

3.   Panel discussion on "A Vision on the Influence of Technology Developments, Globalization, Demography and New Approaches to Governance of Future Higher Education". International Conference on Higher Education (ICHE-07), 12-14 July 2007, IISc Bangalore.

4.   A lecture on “A Brief History of Rotor Dynamics and Recent Trends” in a QIP Short Term Course on Industrial Applications of Turbomachines November 26, 2007 at IITG.

5.   A lecture on “Development of a Novel Algorithm for a Crack Detection, Localization and Sizing in A Beam Based on Forced Response Measurementsin a QIP Short Term Course on Fracture Mechanics, 7 Mar 2008 at IITG.

6.   Invited Lecture in a National Conference on Communications (NCC-2009) at IITG on “Vibrations & Acoustics Based Condition Monitoring of Machineries & Structures”, 18 Jan. 2009.

7.   A lecture on “Application of The Pulse System In the Machinery Health Monitoring in Laboratory Conditions at PULSE USER Meet at Bangalore, 18-19 Nov. 2010.

8.   A lecture on “Analysis of Simple Rotor-Bearing Systems” in QIP Short Term Course on “Rotors Supported on Hydrodynamic Bearings” during 06-10 Dec. 2010 at IITG.

9.   A lecture on Condition Monitoring of Gears Based on Vibrations by Support Vector Machine Algorithms” at PULSE USER Meet at Bangalore, 31 Oct. 2012.