Design Development and Performance Evaluation of Asymmetric Composite Gear

Funded by Department of Science and Technology(DST) India

PhD work guidance in progress at IIT Guwahati Student A Johnney Mertens (Since 2012)

18 T 20 Vs 34

Asymmetric Gear Design

3d Model of Gear die

Gear die View1 Die for GearMolded asymmetric gear

Die Design

Developed Injection Molding Die and Molded Asymmetric gear

Developed Gear Test Rig



Preliminarily Performance of Asymmetric Gears


Mr G D Walsange MTech(2006-7)

Mr Prateek Kumar and Saroj Mandal BTech Student (2007-8)

Mr Ratna Kumar, MTech Student (2008-9)

Mr Nitin S Sarpe, MTech Student (2011-12)