Dr. Anamika Barua

Book Chapters:
  • Anamika Barua and Ashok Jaitly  [ 2010 ]
    " Urban Water Sustainability in Asian cities - Is 24/7 water supply a possible solution ? "
    A Planet for Life 2010: Sustainable Cities
    Pierre Jacquet, Rajendra Pachauri and Laurence Tubiana (eds.), AFD, IDDRI and TERI

  • Nitish Jha, Anamika Barua, Rekha Krishnan and Anshuman  [ 2009 ]
    " Enabling Efficient Use and Equitable Access in India's Water Sector "
    Green India 2047: Looking Back to Change Track (1997- 2007)
    Ravi K. Batra and Divya Datt, eds. New Delhi, TERI Press

  • Anamika Barua and Sakshi C. Dasgupta  [ 2009 ]
    " Sustainable water management in Urban India "
    An Exploration of Sustainability in the Provision of Basic Urban Services in Indian cities
    S. Sundar (eds), New Delhi, TERI Press

  • Anamika Barua and Klaus Hubacek  [ 2008 ]
    " Is there a turning point for India? An empirical analysis from states of India "
    Environment and Developmen: A global perspective
    Dr. Gunjan Malhotra, Sterling publishers, New Delhi

  • Klaus Hubacek, Dabo Guan and Anamika Barua  [ 2007 ]
    " 90 years lifestyle changes and CO2 emission in China and India "
    Scenarios and Indicators for Sustainable Development
    ISEE and INSEE, Oxford University Press