Department wise Subscribed Journals for the Year 2014


Journal Title Accessibility Publisher
Acta Crystallographica: Section D ONLINE Wiley
Biophysical Journal ONLINE Elsevier (Biophysical Society)
Biotechnology & Bioengineering ONLINE Wiley
Biotechnology Progress ONLINE Wiley
Cancer Cell ONLINE Cell Press (Elsevier)
Cell ONLINE Elsevier
Current Opinion in Biotechnology ONLINE Elsevier
Current Opinion in Structural Biology ONLINE Elsevier
FEBS Letters ONLINE Elsevier
FEMS Microbiology Letters ONLINE Wiley
In Vitro Cellular & Development Biology-Plant ONLINE Springer
Journal of Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine ONLINE Wiley
Molecular Informatics ONLINE Wiley
Molecular Cell ONLIne Cell Press (Elsevier)
Plant Cell, Tissue & Organ Culture ONLINE Springer (Kluwer)
Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics ONLINE Wiley
Structure ONLINE Cell Press (Elsevier)
Trends in Biochemical Sciences ONLINE Elsevier
Trends in Biotechnology ONLINE Elsevier
Trends in Microbiology ONLINE Elsevier
Trends in Plant Science ONLINE Elsevier
Journal Title Accessibility Publisher
Advance Materials ONLINE Wiley
AIChE Journal ONLINE Wiley
Chemical Engineering Education PRINT Chemical Engg. Edu.
Chemical Engineering Technology ONLINE Wiley
Chemical Engineering World PRINT Jasubhai Media
Chemical Engg. Research & Design ONLINE Elsevier (IChemE)
Chemical Engineering Science ONLINE Elsevier
Chemical Weekly PRINT Sevak Pub.
Combustion & Flame ONLINE Elsevier
Computers & Chemical Engineering ONLINE Elsevier
Energy & Environmental Science ONLINE RSC
Faraday Discussions ONLINE RSC
Indian Chemical Engineer ONLINE Indian Instt. Of Chemical Engg
Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan PRINT Society of Chemical Engg Japan
Journal of Colloid & Interface Science ONLINE Elsevier
Journal of Polymer Science ONLINE Wiley
Journal of Royal Society Interface ONLINE Royal Society Publishing
Reviews in Chemical Engineering ONLINE De Gruyter
Separation & Purification Technology ONLINE Elsevier
Separation Science & Technology ONLINE T & F
Soft Matter ONLINE RSC
Journal Title Accessibility Publisher
Accounts of Chemical Research ONLINE ACS
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces ONLINE ACS
ACS Chemical Biology ONLINE ACS
ACS Chemical Neuroscience ONLINE ACS
ACS Combinatorial Science ONLINE ACS
ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters ONLINE ACS
ACS Web Editions with Archive ONLINE ACS
Analytical Chemistry ONLINE ACS
Angawandte Chemie International Ed. ONLINE Wiley
Biochemistry ONLINE ACS
ChemBioChem ONLINE Wiley
Chemical Communications ONLINE RSC
Chemical Reviews ONLINE ACS
Chemistry- An European Journal ONLINE Wiley
Crystal Growth & Design ONLINE ACS
Dalton Transaction ONLINE RSC
Indian Journal of Chemistry: Section A PRINT NISCOM
Indian Journal of Chemistry: Section B PRINT NISCOM
Inorganic Chemistry ONLINE ACS
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation ONLINE ACS
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry ONLINE ACS
Journal of Organic Chemistry ONLINE ACS
Journal of Physical Chemistry A ONLINE ACS
Journal of Physical Chemistry B ONLINE ACS
Journal of Physical Chemistry C ONLINE ACS
Journal of the American Chemical Society ONLINE ACS
Macromolecules ONLINE ACS
Nano Letters ONLINE ACS
Organic Letters ONLINE ACS
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics ONLINE RSC
Polyhedron ONLINE Elsevier
Journal Title Accessibility Publisher
ACI Material Journal PRINT ACI
ACI Structural Journal PRINT ACI
Canadian Geotechnical Journal ONLINE NRC of Canada
Computers & Structures ONLINE Elsevier
Earthquake Engg. & Structural Dynamics ONLINE Wiley
Engineering Structures ONLINE Elsevier
Environmental Monitoring & Assessment ONLINE Springer
Finite Elements in Analysis & Design ONLINE Elsevier
Geomechanics & Geoengineering: an International Journal ONLINE T & F
Geotechnical & Geological Engineering. Journal ONLINE Springer (Kluwer)
Geotechnique (UK) ONLINE Thomas Telford
Ground Water ONLINE Wiley
Hydrological Process ONLINE Wiley
International Journal of Environment and Pollution ONLINE Inderscience
Journal of Advanced Transportation ONLINE Wiley
Journal of Environmental Quality ONLINE American Society of Agronomy
Journal of Air & Waste Management Association ONLINE T&F
Journal of financial management of property & construction PRINT+Free ONLINE Emerald
Journal of Financial Management of Property & Construction PRINT+Free ONLINE Emerald
Journal of Hydrology ONLINE Elsevier
Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering & Information Technology ONLINE Elsevier
Proceedings of the ICE- Ground Improvement ONLINE Thomas Telford
River Research & Applications ONLINE Wiley
Structural Engineering & Mechanics: An International Journal ONLINE TechnoPress
Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings ONLINE Wiley
Transport Policy ONLINE Elsevier
Transportation Research Record ONLINE TRB, USA
Transportation Science ONLINE Informs
Water Research:Journalof InternationalAss.on water quality ONLINE Elsevier
Water Resources Management ONLINE Springer
Water Resources Research ONLINE Amr. Geophysical Union
Water Science & Technology PRINT+Free Online IWA Pub UK
Journal Title Accessibility Publisher
Acta Informatica PRINT+ONLINE Springer
Ad Hoc Networks PRINT+ONLINE Elsevier
Algorithmica ONLINE Springer
Artificial Life & Robotics ONLINE Springer
Autonomous Agents & Multi-Agent Systems ONLINE Springer (Kluwer)
Chronicle of Higher Education ONLINE The CHE
Cluster Computing ONLINE Springer (Kluwer)
Combinatorica ONLINE Springer
Computational Geometry ONLINE Elsevier
Computer Fraud & Security ONLINE Elsevier
Computers & Security ONLINE Elsevier
CSI Communications PRINT CSI
Data & Knowledge Engineering ONLINE Elsevier
Design Automation for Embedded Systems ONLINE Springer (Kluwer)
Designs, Codes & Cryptography ONLINE Springer (Kluwer)
Discrete & Computational Geometry ONLINE Springer
Electronic Commerce Research & Application ONLINE Elsevier
Foundation & Trends in Human Computer Interaction * ONLINE Now Pub.
Fundamenta Informaticae ONLINE ISO Press
Information and Computation ONLINE Elsevier
Information Processing Letters ONLINE Elsevier
Information Retrieval ONLINE Springer (Kluwer)
Integration, The VLSI Journal ONLINE Elsevier
Intelligent Data Analysis ONLINE IOS Press
International Journal of Robotics Research PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
International Journal Computational Geometry & Application ONLINE World Sci.
International Journal Pattern Recognition and AI ONLINE World Sci.
International Journal Software Tools for Technology Transfer ONLINE Springer
International Journal Speech Technology ONLINE Springer (Kluwer)
International Journal of Wireless Information Networks ONLINE Springer (Kluwer)
International Journal on AI Tools ONLINE World Sci.
Journal of Complexity ONLINE Elsevier
Journal of Computer & System Sciences ONLINE Elsevier
Journal of Cryptology ONLINE Springer
Journal of Logic & Algebraic Programming ONLINE Elsevier
Journal of Parallel & Distributed Computing ONLINE Elsevier
Linux Journal ONLINE Linux Journal
Logic Journal of the IGPL ONLINE OUP
Microprocessors & Microsystems ONLINE Elsevier
Neural Computation ONLINE MIT Press
Parallel Processing Letters ONLINE World Sci.
PC Quest PRINT Cyber Media
Robotics & Autonomous Systems ONLINE Elsevier
Statistical Analysis & Data Mining ONLINE Wiley
The Chronicle of Higher Education ONLINE Chronicle of Higher Education
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Statistics ONLINE Wiley
Journal Title Accessibility Publisher
American Cinematographer Magazine PRINT American Soc. of Cinematographers
Animation Today PRINT Sankranti Creations
Applied Ergonomics ONLINE Elsevier
Architecture Plus Design PRINT Media Transasia Limited
Art India PRINT Art India Publishing
Art News PRINT Milton Esterow
Auto Car India PRINT Autocar India, Mumbai
AXIS PRINT Bruil & van de Staaij
Better Photography PRINT Infomedia India
Chip PRINT Infomedia India
CoDesign (International Journalof CoCreation in Design & Arts) ONLINE T & F
Communication Arts (C & A) PRINT Communication Arts,CA 94025
Convergence PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
Craft Research ONLINE Intellect
Curve PRINT+ONLINE Beesting Publishing
Design & Culture ONLINE Berg
Design Issues ONLINE MIT Press
Design Journal ONLINE BERG
Design Management Journal ONLINE Wiley
Design Management Review ONLINE Wiley
Design Studies ONLINE Elsevier
Digit PRINT Infomedia India
Directory of Confederation of Indian Industry ONLINE CII
Domus PRINT Editoriale Domus
Domus India PRINT Spenta Multimedia
Ergonomics ONLINE T & F
Form (Germany) PRINT Verlag
Form (Sweden) PRINT Sweedish Society of Craft & Design
Harvard Business Review (South Asia) PRINT India Today Group
Human Computer Interaction ONLINE T & F
Human Factors: Journal of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society ONLINE Sage
Inside Outside PRINT Business India Group
International Journal of Art & Design Education ONLINE Wiley (Blackwell)
International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics ONLINE Elsevier
International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction ONLINE IGI Global
International Journal of Occupational Safety & Ergonomics PRINT Cenral Int of Labour Protection
Journal of Marketing Research ONLINE American Marketing Association
Journal of Consumer Research ONLINE Univ. of Chicago Press
Journal of Design History ONLINE OUP
Journal of Design Research ONLINE Inderscience
Journal of the American Society for Inforamtion Sc & Tech. ONLINE Wiley
Kyoorius Design Magazine PRINT Kyoorious Publishing
Marg PRINT Marg Publication
MD International Design Scout PRINT Verlag
Occupational Health & Industrial Medicine PRINT Elsevier
Overdrive PRINT Infomedia India
Platform Creative Lifestyle PRINT Platform Creative Lifestyle
Point of Purchase (Formerly-POP Today) PRINT POP B’lone
Printing Impressions PRINT Dave Leskusky
Visible Language PRINT Rhode Island School of Design
Journal Title Accessibility Publisher
Asian Journal of Control ONLINE Wiley
Automatica ONLINE Elsevier
Digital Signal Processing: A Review Journal ONLINE Elsevier
Elektor-Electronics PRINT Elektor-Electronics
Foundation & Trends in Comm & Information Theory * ONLINE Now Pub.
Foundation & Trends in Networking * ONLINE Now Pub.
Foundation & Trends in Signal Processing * ONLINE Now Pub.
IEEJ Transactions on Electrical & Electronic Engg ONLINE Wiley
International Journal of RF & Microwave Computer- Aided Eng ONLINE Wiley
International Journal of Control ONLINE T & F
International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems ONLINE Wiely
Journal of Air Craft ONLINE AIAA
Journal of Control Theory & Applications ONLINE Springer
Journal of Institute Of Engineers: Electrical Engg. PRINT +Free ONLINE IE, India
Journal of Institute Of Engineers: Electronics & Telecomm Engg. PRINT+Free ONLINE IE, India
Journal of Institute Of Engineers:Computer Engg. PRINT+Free ONLINE IE, India
Microwave & Optical Technology Letters ONLINE Wiley
Paritantra/ Journal of Systems Science & Engineering PRINT Systems Society of India
Pattern Recognition Letters ONLINE Elsevier
Power Engineering Journal PRINT+ONLINE Society of Power Engineers (India)
Signal Processing: an International Journal ONLINE Elsevier
Signal Processing: Image Communication ONLINE Elsevier
Signal Processing: Speech Communication ONLINE Elsevier
Transactions on Emerging Telecommunication Technologies ONLINE Wiley
Journal Title Accessibility Publisher
Academy of Management Journal PRINT +ONLINE Academy of Management
Annals of Library & Information Studies PRINT NISSCAIR
British Medical  Journal ONLINE BMJ
Defence Science Journal PRINT DRDO
Electronic Library PRINT+Free ONLINE MCB
Electronics for you PRINT+ CD EFY Enterprises
Indian Journal of Clinical Practice PRINT AIIMS
Indian Journal of History of Science PRINT INSA
Indian Journal of Medical Research PRINT ICMR
Information Processing & Management ONLINE Elsevier
Infraline Plus PRINT InfralinePuls Technologies (India)
International Journal of Information Dissemination and Technology ONLINE Maharishi M. University
International Social Security Review ONLINE Wiley
Journal of Documentation PRINT+free ONLINE Emerald
Journal of Academic Librarianship ONLINE Elsevier
Journal of the Indian Institute of Science PRINT IISc
Library & Information Sc. Research ONLINE Elsevier
Library Hi Tech PRINT+Free ONLINE MCB
Mathematical Intelligencer ONLINE Springer
Monthly Review PRINT+Free ONLINE M.R. Foundation
National Geographic PRINT NGS
New Left Review PRINT+Free ONLINE New Left Review
New Scientist PRINT Reed Business Infor. Ltd
Productivity News PRINT National Productivity Council, Delhi
Recent Patents on Engineering ONLINE Bentham Science
Scientific American ONLINE NPG
Journal Title Accessibility Publisher
Project Muse ONLINE Project Muse
Agricultural Economics Research Review PRINT Agricultural Eco. Research Asso.
American Economic Review PRINT American Economic Asso.
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics PRINT American Economic Asso.
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy PRINT American Economic Asso.
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics PRINT American Economic Asso.
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics PRINT American Economic Asso.
Climate and Development ONLINE T&F
Economic and Political Weekly ONLINE EPW
Economic Outlook (IP Base) ONLINE CMIE
Finance India PRINT Indian Instt. Of Finance
Foreign Trade Review PRINT Indian Instt. Of Foreign Trade, Dehi
Indian Growth and Development Review PRINT+Free ONLINE Emerald
Indian Journal of Human Development * PRINT+ONLINE IHD, New Delhi
Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics PRINT Indian Society of Agricultural Eco.
IndiaStat Database (Single User Access Through IP Login) ONLINE IndiaStat
Journal of Post Keynesian Economics ONLINE M.E. Sharpe
Journal of Post Keynesian Economics ONLINE M.E. Sharpe
Journal of Public Economic Theory ONLINE Wiley
Journal of Economic Literature PRINT American Economic Asso.
Journal of Economic Perspectives PRINT American Economic Asso.
Progress in Development Studies PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
Review of Development and Change PRINT MIDS, Chennai
Review of Agrarian Studies PRINT+Free ONLINE Foundation for Agrarian Studies
World Bank Economic Review ONLINE OUP
World Bank Research Observer ONLINE OUP
Adaptation ONLINE OUP
Biblio: a review of Books PRINT BCT
Book Review PRINT The Book Review L
British Journal of Aesthetics ONLINE OUP
Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature & Environment       ONLINE OUP(Univ. of Nevada, Reno)
Interventions: International J of Postcolonial Studies ONLINE T & F
Journal of Commonwealth Literature PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
Language & Literature PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
PMLA ONLINE Modern Language Ass.
Poetics Today ONLINE Duke University Press
Seminar PRINT Ramesh Thapar, New Delhi
Text & Performance Quarterly ONLINE Routledge
American Historical Review ONLINE OUP
Antiquity ONLINE Portland Press
Archeometry ONLINE Wiley
Current Anthropology ONLINE Univ. of Chicago Press
Environmental History ONLINE OUP
Indian Historical Review PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
Indian Economic & Social History Review PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
Journal of Agrarian Change ONLINE Wiley
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies ONLINE CUP
Journal of Peasant Studies ONLINE T & F
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society ONLINE CUP
Modern Asian Studies ONLINE CUP
Past & Present ONLINE OUP
Studies in History PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
Bilingualism: Language & Cognition PRINT+ONLINE CUP
Cognitive Linguistics ONLINE Mouton de Gruyter
Journal of the International Phonotic Association ONLINE CUP
Labortory Phonology ONLINE Mouton de Gruyter
Linguistic Inquiry ONLINE MIT Press
Linguistic Review ONLINE Mouton de Gruyter
Linguistic of the Tibeto Burma Area * ONLINE LaTrobe Univ Australia
Linguistics ONLINE Mouton de Gruyter
Phonology ONLINE CUP
Theoretical  Linguistics                                            ONLINE Mouton de Gruyter
British Journal for the History of Philosophy ONLINE T & F
Continental Philosophy Review ONLINE Springer (Kluwer)
Ethics, Policy & Environment ONLINE T & F
Group & Organization Management PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
Indian Journal of Gender Studies PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology PRINT University of Johannesburg
International Journal of Applied Philosophy PRINT Elliot D. Cohen, Editor
International Journal of Philosophical Studies ONLINE T & F
Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research PRINT ICPR
Philosophy & Phenomological Research ONLINE Wiley
American Political Science Review (Package) ONLINE CUP
Asian Survey ONLINE University of California
Canadian Journal of Political Science ONLINE CUP
Comparative Politics ONLINE The City University, New York
India Quarterly PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
India Review ONLINE Routledge
International Organization                                               ONLINE CUP
International Security ONLINE MIT Press
Journal of Conflict Resolution ONLINE Sage
Mobilization: The International Quarterly ONLINE Pennsylvenia state University
Pacific Affairs ONLINE Pacific Affairs
Perspectives on Politics ONLINE CUP
PS: Political Science & Politics ONLINE CUP
Public Policy and Administration including Teaching public Administration PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
World Affairs PRINT+ONLINE World Affairs Inst.
Academy Of Management Review               PRINT +ONLINE Academy of Management
American Psychologist PRINT APA
Indian Journal of Industrial Relations PRINT Shri Ram Centre for I R H R
Journal of Applied Psychology PRINT APA
Journal of Environmental Psychology ONLINE Elsevier
Journal of Indian Academy of Appl.  Psychology PRINT Aligarh Muslim University
Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes ONLINE Elsevier
Psychological Studies PRINT+Free ONLINE Springer
Asian Journal of Social Science ONLINE Brill
Barkley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice PRINT Univ. of California, Barkley
Contributions to Indian Sociology PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
Current Sociology PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
Gender, Technology & Development PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
International Sociology PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
Journal of Human Rights ONLINE Routledge
Man and Society: A Journal of NE Studies PRINT ICSSR-NERC
Perspectives on Global Development & Technology ONLINE Brill
Science Technology & Society PRINT+Free ONLINE Sage
Sociological Bulletin PRINT Indian Sociological Society
Journal Title Accessibility Publisher
Abstracts of papers presented to the AMS PRINT AMS
American Mathematical Monthly PRINT+ONLINE MAA
Annales de l Institut Fourier ONLINE Institut Fourier, Grenoble
Annales de l Institut Henri Poincar  (B) Probabilits et Statistiques ONLINE IMS
Annals of Applied Probability ONLINE IMS
Annals of Applied Statistics ONLINE IMS
Annals of Probability ONLINE IMS
Annals of Statistics ONLINE IMS
Bermoulli ONLINE IMS
Biometrics ONLINE Wiley
Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics ONLINE IMS
Bulletin (New Series) of the AMS PRINT AMS
Bulletin of Australian Mathematical Society ONLINE CUP
Colloquium Mathematicum ONLINE Polish Academy of Sc.
Communications in Algebra ONLINE T & F
Expositiones Mathematicae ONLINE Elsevier
International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science ONLINE World Sc.
International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science ONLINE World Sc.
Journal of Algebra ONLINE Elsevier
Journal of Computational Physics ONLINE Elsevier
Journal of Convex Analysis PRINT+Free ONLINE Heldermann Verlag
Journal of Functional Analysis ONLINE Elsevier
Journal of Mathematical Analysis & Applications ONLINE Elsevier
Journal of Operator Theory ONLINE AMS (Theta Foundation)
Journal of Risk PRINT Incisive Financial Publishing
Linear Algebra and its Applications ONLINE Elsevier
Mathematical Finance ONLINE Wiley
Mathematics of Computation ONLINE AMS
Memoirs of the AMS ONLINE AMS
Michigan Mathematical Journal PRINT+ONLINE University of Michigan
Multiscale Modeling & Simulation PRINT+ONLINE SIAM
Nagoya Mathematical Journal ONLINE Duke University Press
Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications ONLINE Elsevier
Notices of the AMS PRINT AMS
Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications ONLINE Wiley
Numerische Mathematik ONLINE Springer
Proceeding of the AMS ONLINE AMS
Random Structures and Algorithms ONLINE Wiley
SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis ONLINE SIAM
SIAM Journal on Optimization ONLINE SIAM
SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems ONLINE SIAM
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics ONLINE SIAM
SIAM Journal on Computing ONLINE SIAM
SIAM Journal on Control & Optimization ONLINE SIAM
SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics ONLINE SIAM
SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics ONLINE SIAM
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences ONLINE SIAM
SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Application ONLINE SIAM
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis ONLINE SIAM
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing ONLINE SIAM
SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification ONLINE SIAM
Statistica Sinica PRINT+ONLINE Institute of Stat. Science
Statistical Science ONLINE IMS
Statistics in Medicine ONLINE Wiley
Theory of Probability & its Applications ONLINE SIAM
Transactions of the AMS ONLINE AMS
Journal Title Accessibility Publisher
Acta Arithmatica ONLINE Polish Academy of Science
Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica ONLINE  OUP
Acta Numerica ONLINE CUP
Annals of Mathematics ONLINE Univ. of California, Berkeley
Applied Mathematics Research eXpress ONLINE OUP
Ars Combinatorica PRINT Charles Babbage Research Centre
Bioinformatics ONLINE OUP
Biometrika ONLINE OUP
Biostatistics ONLINE OUP
BIT ONLINE Springer (Kluwer)
Briefings in Bioinformatics ONLINE OUP
Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society ONLINE OUP
Compositio Mathematica ONLINE CUP
Computational Methods & Function Theory ONLINE Heldermann Verlag
Duke Mathematical Journal PRINT Duke University Press
Ergodic Theory & Dynamical Systems ONLINE CUP
Fractals ONLINE World Sc.
IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics ONLINE OUP
IMA Journal of Management Mathematics ONLINE OUP
IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information ONLINE OUP
IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis ONLINE OUP
Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics PRINT INSA (Springer India)
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids ONLINE Wiley
International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics ONLINE T & F
International Journal of Graphs & Combinatorics PRINT Kalasalingam University
International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies ONLINE OUP
International Mathematics Research Notices ONLINE OUP
Israel Journal of Mathematics ONLINE Springer (Magness Press)
Journal of Electron Microscopy ONLINE OUP
Journal of American Statistical Association ONLINE ASA
Journal of Graph Theory ONLINE Wiley
Journal of Group Theory PRINT Walter de Gruyter
Journal of Knot Theory & its Ramifications ONLINE World Sci.
Journal of Logic and Computation ONLINE  OUP
Journal of Petrology ONLINE  OUP
Journal of the International Commission on Radiation Units & Measurements ONLINE  OUP
Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society (Sr.A) ONLINE (CUP)
Journal of the London Mathematical Society ONLINE  OUP
Law, Probability and Risk ONLINE OUP
Linear & Multilinear Algebra ONLINE T & F
Mathematical Medicine and Biology: A Journal of the IMA ONLINE  OUP
Mathematics of Operation Research ONLINE Informs
Molecular Biology and Evolution ONLINE  OUP
Operations Research ONLINE Informs
Opsearch PRINT+Free ONLINE Springer India(ORSI)
Pacific Journal of Mathematics ONLINE Univ. of California
Philosophia Mathematica ONLINE OUP
Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences (Mathematical Sciences) PRINT+Free ONLINE IAS
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society ONLINE OUP
Quarterly Journal of Mathematics ONLINE OUP
Radiation Protection Dosimetry ONLINE OUP
RAIRO –Theoretical Informatics and Applications ONLINE CUP
Studia Mathematica ONLINE Inst. Of Maths, Polish Acad. Of Sc.
Teaching Mathematics and its Applications: An International Journal of the IMA ONLINE OUP
Technometrics ONLINE ASA
The Computer Journal ONLINE OUP
The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics ONLINE OUP
The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics ONLINE OUP
Journal Title Accessibility Publisher
ACTA Materialia PRINT+ONLINE Elsevier
Advance Powder Technology PRINT+ONLINE Elsevier
Advances in Vibration Engineering PRINT University Press India
ASTM Standards & Digital Library ONLINE ASTM
CIRP Annals ONLINE Elsevier
Computers & Fluids ONLINE Elsevier
Experimental Thermal & Fluid Sc. ONLINE Elsevier
Experiments In Fluids ONLINE Springer
IIE Transcations ONLINE T & F
International Journal of Heat & Fluid Flow ONLINE Elsevier
International Journal of Heat & Mass Transfer ONLINE Elsevier
International Journal of Heat & Technology PRINT Edizioni ETS
International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture ONLINE Elsevier
Iron Making and Steel Making ONLINE Maney Pub.
Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics ONLINE AIAA
Journal of Thermophysics & Heat Transfer ONLINE AIAA
Journal of Acoustical Society Of America ONLINE Acoustical Society of America
Journal of Composite Materials ONLINE Sage
Journal of Fluid Mechanics ONLINE CUP
Journal of Mechanics of Materials & Structures ONLINE Mathematical Sc. Pub
Journal of Sound & Vibration ONLINE Elsevier
Mechanism and Machine Theory ONLINE Elsevier
Mechatronics ONLINE Elsevier
Nanoscale & Microscale Thermophysical Engineering ONLINE T & F
Particulate Science & Technology ONLINE T & F
Scripta Materialia ONLINE Elsevier
Smart Materials & Structures ONLINE IOP
Steel Research International ONLINE Wiley
Journal Title Accessibility Publisher
American Journal of Physics ONLINE AIP (AAPT)
Applied Physics Express PRINT+ONLINE Japan Society of Applied Physics
Applied Physics Letters ONLINE AIP
Astrophysical Journal ONLINE IOP
Astrophysical Journal Letters ONLINE IOP
Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series ONLINE IOP
Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India PRINT+ONLINE Astronomical Society of India
European Journal of Physics ONLINE IOP
EuroPhysics Letters ONLINE IOP (EDP Sciences)
International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology ONLINE   Wiley
International Journal of Applied Glass Science ONLINE Wiley
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics PRINT+ONLINE Japan Society of Applied Physics
Journal of American Ceramic Society ONLINE Wiley
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle physics ONLINE IOP
Journal of Physics B:Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics ONLINE IOP
Journal of Applied Physics ONLINE AIP
Journal of Optics ONLINE IOP
Journal of Physical Society of Japan ONLINE Physical Society of Japan
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter ONLINE IOP
Journal  of Microscopy ONLINE Wiley
Optics Communications ONLINE Elsevier
Physical Review A ONLINE APS
Physical Review Applied ONLINE APS
Physical Review B ONLINE APS
Physical Review C ONLINE APS
Physical Review D ONLINE APS
Physical Review E ONLINE APS
Physical Review Letters ONLINE APS
Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA) ONLINE APS
Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators Free ONLINE APS
Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Free ONLINE APS
Physics Education ONLINE IOP
Physics Letters B ONLINE Elsevier
Physics Today ONLINE AIP
Physics World ONLINE IOP
Proceedings of Royal Society of London A ONLINE Royal Society Pub
Reports on progress in Physics ONLINE IOP
Review of Modern Physics ONLINE APS
Review of Scientific Instruments ONLINE AIP
SPIE Digital Library ONLINE SPIE

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