Mathematics Backfile Package

Sl.No.ISSNTitleYear Range
1 01968858Advances in Applied Mathematics1980-1992
2 00018708Advances in Mathematics1965-1992
3 00034843Annals of Mathematical Logic
(continued as Annals of Pure and Applied Logic)
4 01680072Annals of Pure and Applied Logic
(continued from Annals of Mathematical Logic)
5 0307904XApplied Mathematical Modelling1976-1994
6 00963003Applied Mathematics and Computation1975-1994
7 08939659Applied Mathematics Letters1988-1994
8 01689274Applied Numerical Mathematics1985-1994
9 09257721Computational Geometry1991-1994
1001679473Computational Statistics & Data Analysis1983-1994
1101678396Computer Aided Geometric Design1984-1994
120146664XComputer Graphics and Image Processing
(continued as Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing)
130734189XComputer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing
(continued from Computer Graphics and Image Processing;
continued as CVGIP: Graphical Models and Image Processing)
1408981221Computers & Mathematics with Applications1975-1994
1510499652CVGIP: Graphical Models and Image Processing
(continued from Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing)
1609262245Differential Geometry and its Applications1991-1994
170166218XDiscrete Applied Mathematics1979-1994
180012365XDiscrete Mathematics1971-1994
1901956698European Journal of Combinatorics1992
200016660XGeneral Topology and its Applications
(continued as Topology and its Applications)
2103150860Historia Mathematica1974-1992
2200193577Indagationes Mathematicae1990-1994
2313857258Indagationes Mathematicae (Proceedings)1969-1989
2400200190Information Processing Letters1971-1994
2501676687Insurance: Mathematics and Economics1982-1994
2600207462International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics1966-1994
2700218693Journal of Algebra1964-1992
2801966774Journal of Algorithms1980-1992
2900218928Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics1958-1994
3000219045Journal of Approximation Theory1968-1992
3100973165Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A1971-1992
3200958956Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B1971-1992
330885064XJournal of Complexity1985-1992
3403770427Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics1983-1994
3500220396Journal of Differential Equations1965-1992
3603044076Journal of Econometrics1973-1994
3700221236Journal of Functional Analysis1967-1992
3803930440Journal of Geometry and Physics1984-1994
3907431066Journal of Logic Programming, The1984-1994
400022247XJournal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications1960-1992
4103044068Journal of Mathematical Economics1974-1994
4200222496Journal of Mathematical Psychology1967-1994
430047259XJournal of Multivariate Analysis1971-1992
440022314XJournal of Number Theory1969-1992
4500224049Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra1971-1994
4603783758Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference1977-1994
4707477171Journal of Symbolic Computation1991
4800160032Journal of The Franklin Institute1826-1994
4900243795Linear Algebra and its Applications1968-1994
5002700255Mathemathical Modelling
(continued as Mathematical and Computer Modelling)
5108957177Mathematical and Computer Modelling
(continued from Mathematical Modelling)
5200255564Mathematical Biosciences1967-1994
5301654896Mathematical Social Sciences1980-1994
5403784754Mathematics and Computers in Simulation1977-1994
550362546XNonlinear Analysis1977-1994
5600344877Reports on Mathematical Physics1970-1994
5701676423Science of Computer Programming1981-1994
5809284869Simulation Practice and Theory1993-1994
5901677152Statistics & Probability Letters1983-1994
6003044149Stochastic Processes and their Applications1973-1994
6103043975Theoretical Computer Science1975-1994
6301668641Topology and its Applications
(continued from General Topology and its Applications)

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