International Conference on Magnetic Materials and Applications (MagMA-2013)
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About the Conference

Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG) and Magnetics Society of India (MSI) welcome you to Guwahati, (Assam), the gateway to North-eastern India, which is the venue for the "International conference on Magnetic Materials and Applications (MagMA-2013)".

The objective of the conference is to bring researchers and technocrats from all over the world to a common gathering and share the recent developments taking place in the subject of magnetism, magnetic materials and their applications. In this endeavour, MSI, which was established in 1973 as a national forum, joins hands with IITG to stage this conference for promoting a stronger interaction between the national and international scientific communities engaged in magnetism and related areas of research.

The conference is planned to provide an attractive platform for the delegates from academia, research institutes / laboratories and industries to hear, witness and assimilate the advances occurring in a cross section of subject areas ranging from fundamental aspects of magnetism to the ever growing applied aspects of magnetic materials. MagMA-2013 would host a range of plenary sessions, invited talks, oral and poster presentations, and exhibition to capture the attention of the people working in diversified areas of magnetism.

Keynote/Plenary Speakers:

Prof. Koichiro Inomata
Emeritus Fellow, Magnetic Materials Center
National Institute for Materials Science
Prof. Adekunle Adeyeye
National University of Singapore, Singapore
Distinguished Lecturer (DL) of IEEE Magnetics Society
Prof. Arup Kumar Raychaudhuri
SN Bose National Center for Basic Sciences
Prof. David C Jiles
Iowa State University
Prof. Joel S Miller
University of Utah
Prof. Koki Takanashi
Tohoku University, Japan
Distinguished Lecturer (DL) of IEEE Magnetics Society
Prof. Pedro Gorria Korres
Universidad de Oviedo
Prof. Per Nordblad
Uppsala University
Prof. Samuel Bader
Argonne National Laboratory
Prof. Stuart S. Parkin
IBM Fellow Manager, Magnetoelectronics
IBM Research
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Major Sponsors:   Government:


BRNS, India

DRDO, India

DBT India

INSA, India


Platinum Sponsor

Dura Magnets

Gold Sponsor
Quantum Design India


A. Soft and Hard Magnetic Materials and their Applications
       A1. Amorphous/Nanocrystalline Materials,
       A2. Crystalline Alloys,
       A3. Intermetallic and Other Hard Magnetic Materials,
       A4. Hard Magnet Processing and Applications,
       A5. Magnetic Domains,
       A6. Nanostructured Hard Magnetic Materials,
       A7. Rare-Earth Transition Metals,
       A8. Recording Head Materials.
B. Magnetic Thin Films, Particles and Nanostructures
       B1. Exchange Bias,
       B2. Multi-Layer Films and Superlattices,
       B3. Nanoparticles,
       B4. Patterned Films,
       B5. Self-Assembly,
       B6. Ultra-Thin Films and Surface Effects.
C. Magnetic Recording, Memories, and Spintronics
       C1. Energy Assisted Recording,
       C2. Granular Media,
       C3. Patterned Media Recording,
       C4. Inductive Heads,
       C5. Magnetoresistive Heads,
       C6. Recording Modeling,
       C7. Giant Magnetoresistance,
       C8. Tunnel Magnetoresistance,
       C9. MRAM,
       C10. Domain Wall Devices,
       C11. Half metals and magnetic semiconductors,
       C12. Spin Current and Spin Hall Effect,
       C13. Spin Injection,
       C14. Spin Transfer Torque.
D. Strongly Correlated Electron System
       D1. Heavy Fermion Systems,
       D2. Multiferroics,
       D3. Non-Fermi Liquids and Quantum Phase Transitions,
       D4. Superconductivity,
       D5. Theory of Strongly Correlated Matter,
       D6. Topological Insulators.
E. Fundamental Magnetic Properties and Cooperative Phenomena
       E1. Critical Phenomena,
       E2. Electronic and Magnetic Structures,
       E3. Itinerant Magnetism,
       E4. Low-Dimensional Systems,
       E5. Micromagnetics,
       E6. Numerical Modelling,
       E7. Spin Dynamics,
       E8. Spin Glasses and Frustration.
F. Novel Magnetic Materials and Device Applications
       F1. Biomagnetic Materials,
       F2. Ferrites,
       F3. Garnets,
       F4. Manganites,
       F5. Magneto-Caloric Materials,
       F6. Magneto-Elastic materials,
       F7. Magneto-Electric materials,
       F8. Microwave Materials,
       F9. Molecular Magnets,
       F10. New Magnetic Materials.
G. Magnet Industry-Product and Marketing
H. Interdisciplinary Topics in magnetism
       H1. Biomagnetism and Applications,
       H2. Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques,
       H3. Magnetic Microscopy and Imaging,
       H4. Magnetic Fluids and Separations,
       H5. Magnetic Techniques for Nondestructive Evaluation of Materials,
       H6. Magneto-Optical Imaging.

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Conference Poster

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