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Journal Publications

1. R. Barman, Chiranjit Ray. Infinite families of congruences for k-regular overpartitions (In Press). International Journal of Number Theory.

2. R. K. Srivastava, Deb K Giri. Heisenberg uniqueness pairs for some algebraic curves in the plane, DOI: 10.1016/j.aim.2017.02.019 (In Press). Advances in Mathematics.

3. Koyel Chakravarty, D. C. Dalal. An analytical study of drug release to biological tissues through endocytosis(In Press). International Journal of Dynamics and Control DOI 10.1007/s40435-017-0307-9.

4. Barun Gorain, Partha Sarathi Mandal. Solving Energy Issues for Sweep Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks (, (Available online 14 October 2016). Discrete Applied Mathematics (Elsevier).

5. Barun Gorain, Partha Sarathi Mandal, Krishnendu Mukhopadhyaya. Generalized Bounded Tree Cover of a Graph. Journal on Graph Algorithms and Applications. 21(3):265-280. February.

6. Kaushik Mondal, Partha Sarathi Mandal. Range-Free Mobile Sensor Localization and A Novel Obstacle Detection technique. Wireless Personal Comminucations (Springer). 92(2):351-380. January.

7. Jiten C Kalita, Shuvam Sen. α,β -phenomena in the post symmetry break for the flow past a circular cylinder. Physics of Fluids. 29(033603):1-12. March.

Conference Publications

1. Debasish Pattanayak, Kaushik Mondal, Partha Sarathi Mandal, Stefan Schmid. Convergence of Even Simpler Robots without Position Information. The 5th International Conference on NETworked sYStems (NETYS 2017), (Springer-Verlag), Marrakech, Morocco, May 17-19.

2. Debasish Pattanayak, Kaushik Mondal, H. Ramesh, Partha Sarathi Mandal. Fault-Tolerant Gathering of Mobile Robots with Weak Multiplicity Detection. Proc. of 18th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN'17), (ACM), Hyderabad, India, Jan 4-7.

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