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For students aiming to become theoretical physicists



         How to become a good Theoretical Physicist

This page, by Professor Gerard 't Hooft, gives the best guidance on this matter



         Theoretical Physics

This page gives a preliminary survey, and subsequent links to various mainstream fields



         List of Theoretical Physicists

This page gives the names of theoretical physicists, from the golden age to the modern era, and gives links to their biographical sketches.



         Timeline of Developments in Theoretical Physics



         Timeline of Fundamental Physics Discoveries



         Timelines of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (detailed)

Page 1 (1500 BC to 1799 AD)

Page 2 (1800 AD to 1899 AD)

Page 3 (1900 AD to 1997 AD)

Page 4 (1920 to 1996 -- History of String Theory)



         American Physical Society page on timeline

In this page, click <Start 1896>. Subsequently click <Next Event>, and so on.