Long Term Activities


The village of Sila Sinduri Ghopa is located around 5 to 8 km from IITG campus. Every Saturday and Sunday around 20 volunteers go by the IIT bus to the village to teach children there. Around 100 children from class 2 to class 10 are taught the subjects of English, Math, Science and general knowledge. There are some Assamese volunteers as well who teach Assamese to the students.


This project is only for girl children. Shishugram is an orphanage for girls near the IIT campus. Around 10 girl volunteers from NSS, IIT Guwahati visit the orphanage every Saturday or Sunday to teach those children subjects like English, Maths, Science and general knowledge. The students are from 2nd class to 10th class.


The Agithory village is just outside the IITG main gate. Around 20 volunteers from NSS, IIT Guwahati visit the village every Saturday or Sunday to teach the children in that village. Students from class 2 to class 10 are taught subjects like Assamese, Hindi, Maths, Science and English. A total of around 100 students from the village are benefited by this initiative.


Cutting Pahad is a village which is nearby the camous of IIT Guwahati. The volunteers of NSS, IIT Guwahati are currently creating study material for Maths for the children from 2nd class to 10th class of that village. Around 20 volunteers are presently helping in the preparation of the study material. There is no teaching going on right now, but it will be taken up as soon as the study material is created.


The guards are taught spoken and written English.. English classes are also organized and owing to an overwhelming response, the volunteers are able to teach the guards up to a level that they can answer a volley of questions fired at them in English. It’s the same guards for whom once upon a time English meant just "Good morning" and “Thank you”. The change is distinct and visible.Apart from this, since year 2009, the mess workers are being taught English and general awareness. Starting from scratch, their enthusiasm is appreciable. Classes are conducted on a regular basis in all the hostels.Interaction with them shows that they are certainly enjoying it and getting benefitted.