CS 202, Discrete Mathematics

Autumn 2016 - 2017


Purandar Bhaduri, ext: 2360 (email: pbhaduri)

Benny George, ext: 2372 (email: ben)

Teaching Assistants:

  1. Lalatendu Behera (email: lalatendu)

  2. Ramanuj Chouksey (email: r.chouksey)

  3. Niraj Nagle (email: niraj.nagle)

  4. Alok Kumar Ranjan (email: alok.2015)


Textbooks and Other Sources

1.      Mathematics for Computer Science by Eric Lehman, F Thomson Leighton and Albert R Meyer, 2011. This will be the main textbook for the Discrete Mathematics part of the course. Class material from the MIT course based on the book.

2.   Notes on Set Theory for Computer Science by Glynn Winskel.

3.   Course Lecture Notes by Stephen Cook CSC 438F/2404F: Computability and Logic Fall, 2015. We will use the part on Propositional Calculus and Predicate Calculus.


Solutions to Midsem Exam

Solutions to Endsem Exam


Quizzes and Assignments                  15%

Midsem                                            35%

Endsem                                            50%

Homework Policy

Late assignments would be penalised by deducting (10 × no. of days of lateness) % of the marks. Any form of copying will incur zero marks.


Please note that all homework problems refer to the May 2011 edition of the textbook by Lehman, Leighton and Meyer!

  1. HW # 1 (Due 17 August 2016, Wednesday): Problems 1.1, 1.3 and 2.4 from the textbook by Lehman et al.

  2. HW # 2 (Due 14 September 2016, Wednesday): Problems 3.11 (pp 47), 3.19 and 3.20 (pp 51) from the notes by Glynn Winskel.

  3. HW # 3 (Due 25 October 2016, Tuesday): The first four problems in Exercise 6 on page 12 of the notes by Cook.

  4. HW # 4 (Due 2 November 2016, Wednesday): Exercises 3, 7 and 8 on pages 24-25 of the notes by Cook.

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