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Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India
December 11-15, 2010
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   - Dec 12, 2010
   - Dec 13, 2010
   - Dec 14, 2010
   - Dec 15, 2010
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   - Dec 13, 2010
   - Dec 14, 2010
   - Dec 15, 2010
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   - Dec 12, 2010
   - Dec 13, 2010
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Monday Dec 13, 2010 (13:00 - 15:00)
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  PSM-31   Strain-Temperature Discrimination Using Single Bragg Grating
P. Saidi Reddy, R. L. N Sai Prasad, D. Sen Gupta, M. Sai Shankar, K. S. Narayana, P. Kishore
National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India
  PSM-32   Evaluation of the Performance of High Phosphorous with Germanium Codoped Multimode Optical Fibers for Use as Radiation Sensor at Low Dose Rate
S. Ghosh1, M. C. Paul1, S. Dasa, K. Dasgupta1, D. Bohra2, H. S. Chaudhary2, L. Panwar2, P. K. Bhatnagar2, S. G. Vaijapurkar2
1 Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata, India
2 Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur, India
  PSM-33   Liquid Level Monitoring Using Bragg Grating Embedded on a Cantilever
D. Sengupta, M. Sai Shankar, P. Saidi Reddy, R. L. N Sai Prasad, K. Srimannarayana
National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India
  PSM-34   Performance Evaluation of a Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Fiber Optic Refractive Index Sensor Utilizing Diffuse Source
Sarika Singh, B. D. Gupta
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
  PSM-35   Foot Pad with Embedded Fiber Bragg Gratings for Stress Monitroing at Diabetic Foot Sole
Rupali Suresh1, S. C. Tjin2
1 University of Delhi, South Campus, India
2 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  PSM-36   Fabrication of Tapered Single Mode Fibre by Chemical Etching and Used as Chemical Sensor Based on Evanescent Field Absorption
T. K. Gangopadhyay1, A. Halder1, S. Das1, M. C. Paul1, M. Pal1, T. Mahanty1, S. Ghosh1, M. Salza2, G. Gagliardi2
1 Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata, India
2 CNR-Istituto Nazionale di Ottica (INO), Naples, Italy
  PSM-37   Indium Tin Oxide Coated Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Fiber Optic Sensor
R. K. Verma, B. D. Gupta
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
  PSM-38   Adulteration Detection of Coconut Oil Using Long Period Fiber Grating
T. M. Libish1, J. Linesh1, P. P. Anish1, P. Biswas2, S. Bandyopadhyay2, K. Dasgupta2 and P. Radhakrishnan1
1 CUSAT, India
2 Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata, India
  PSM-39   Self-Sensing Fibre Reinforced Composites
G. F. Fernando1, L. Wang1, S. A. Malik1, S. Hellmann1, D. Harris1, V. R. Machavaram1, R. S. Mahendran1, A Tomlin1, S. Ojo1, M. Paget1, S. Ballard1, B. D. Gupta2
1 University of Birmingham, UK
2 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
  PSM-40   Parabolic Pulse Generation with Highly Reduced Higher Order Dispersion Effect in A Tapered Chirped-Clad Bragg Fiber
Somnath Ghosh, R. K. Varshney, Bishnu P. Pal
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
  PSM-41   Role of Photonic Bandgap and Transverse Localization of Light in a Disordered Coupled Optical Waveguide Lattice
Somnath Ghosh, R. K. Varshney, and Bishnu P. Pal
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
  PSM-42   An Experimental Validation Technique for the Strain Transfer Characterisation of Fibre Bragg Grating Based Strain Sensors
Vivien G. Schukar, Sven Münzenberger, Klaus-Peter Gründer, Wolfgang R. Habel
BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin, Germany
  PSM-43   Structure-Integrated Fibre Optic AE Sensor for Concrete Pile Testing and Monitoring
Constanze Schilder, Harald Kohlhoff, Detlef Hofmann, Wolfgang R. Habel
Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin, Germany
  PSM-44   Propagation Characterstics of Plasmonic Metal Stripe Waveguide
B. Padmaja Bhanu, A. N. Chandorkar, R. K. Shevgaonkar
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India
  PSM-45   Slit Design Using a Caustic Network of Surface Plasmon Polaritons
Seong-Woo Cho1, Hwi Kim2, Junghyun Park1, Byoungho Lee1
1 Seoul National University, Korea
2 Korea University, Chungnam, Korea
  PSM-46   Preferential Shape and Interparticle Spacing Metallic Nanostructurs for Sensing Applications
A. Fazel, H. Abiri
Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran
  PSM-47   Polarization Characteristics of Metal Nanoparticles in the Surface Plasmon Band
Nirmalya Ghosh, Ayan Banerjee, Jalpa Soni, Nitin Kaushal
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, India
  PSM-48   Sensing and Dispersion Properties of Double Metal Clad Fibers
M. Hosseini Farzad, S. Nobakhti, M. Hashemi, H. Mazaherifar
University of Shiraz, Shiraz, Iran
  PSM-49   Raman Gain Enhancement in Noble Metal Nanoparticle Doped Optical Fiber
A. R. Mojtaba1, F. Jafari1, A. R. Bahrampour2
1 Kerman Graduate University of Technology, Iran
2 Sharif University of Technology, Iran
  PSM-50   The Role of Surface Plasmon Resonance of Gold Nanoparticles to the Enhancement of Second Harmonic Generation
Anu Singh1, Khuyen Hoang-Thi1, Isabelle Ledoux-Rak1, Joseph Zyss1, H. Remita1, Frédéric Dumur3, Audrey Guerlin3, Cédric Mayer3
1 Institut d'Alembert, ENS Cachan, France
2 Université Paris, France
3 Université de Versailles, France
  PSM-51   SPR-Based Liquid and Gaseous Detection in Infrared with Single Silicon Chip
Rajan Jha1, Ritwick Das2
1 Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar, India
2 National Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhubaneswar, India
  PSM-52   Infrared Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor
Gautam Medhi1, Justin W. Cleary1, Robert E. Peale1, Walter R. Buchwald2, Sandy Wentzell2, Oliver Edwards2, Isaiah Oladeji4
1 University of Central Florida, USA
2 Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts, USA
3 Zyberwear Inc., Florida, USA
4 Sisom Thin Films, Florida, USA
  PSM-53   Role of Photo-Thermal Effects on Surface Plasmon Resonance Excited in Au Films
Shankar Pidishety, Nirmal K. Viswanathan
University of Hyderabad, India
  PSM-54   Studies on Resonantly Excited Plasmonic Effects on Single Molecule Fluorescence of Rhodamine 6G
Aparajita Singha, Soham Basu, Rani Dutta, B. P Singh, T. Kundu
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India
  PSM-55   Selectively Synthesized Silver Nanoparticle Arrays and Their Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance
Hansik Yun, Il-Min Lee, Byoungho Lee
Seoul National University, Korea
  PSM-56   Minimzation of Photodamage on Trapped Sperm Cells Using Laguerre-Gaussian Laser Mode
R. Dasgupta, S. Ahlawat, R. S. Verma, S. Shukla and P. K. Gupta
Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore, India
  PSM-57   Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Azadirachta Indica and its Characterization and Antimicrobial Study
Bishwajeet Singh Bhardwaj, Deep Punj, K. Pillai Raji, M. Kailasnath, N. Chandramohanakumar
Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi, India
  PSM-58   Tryptophan Fluorescence In Sol-Gel Titaniosilicate Xerogels
Arun Kumar K. V., Sunil Thomas, Biju P. R., C. Sudarsanakumar, N. V. Unnikrishnan
Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, India
  PSM-59   Raman Tweezers as a Tool for Probing Oxidative Stress in Single Erythrocytes
A. Bankapur1, E. Zachariah1, C. Santhosh1, M. Valiathan1, D. Mathur1,2
1 Manipal University, Manipal, India
2 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,Mumbai, India
  PSM-60   Synthesis and Study of Photodynamic Activity of Silver Nanoparticles
Pradeep Chandran C., Mani Rahulan K., Ganesan S.
Anna University, Chennai, India
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