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      The Ancient land of Tripura is bounded on the North, West, South and Southeast by the international boundary of Bangladesh. In the East it has a common boundary with Assam and Mizoram. This tiny state has an area of about 10,500 sq.kms and is India's third smallest state, after Goa and Sikkim.

        Tripura is mainly a hilly territory with altitudes varying from 50 to 3080 ft above sea level, though the major population of the state lives in the plains. It has a moderate temperature and highly humid atmosphere.

        Tripura, quite off the beaten track, is a storehouse of tribal crafts and culture as well as music and dancing. In the centre of this patch of intense greenery is the capital, Agartala, where gracious buildings were once the palaces of Tripura’s royal family. Rich in flora & fauna, the legendary state of Tripura is a fascinating world in itself.

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       Tripura sends three members to the Parliament: one to the Rajya Sabha (upper house) and two to the Lok Sabha (lower house). The state has three administrative districts. Agartala is the capital of this picturesque hilly state.