Computational Geometry
R. Inkulu at cse.iitg in Fall 2011

Overview      [dB]: 1-2, 10-13

Windowing queries Stabbing queries Intersections Planar point location Convex hulls Planar triangulations Voronoi diagrams Duality Closest pair of points Linear programming Covering Visibility Path planning Worst-case lower bounds

* [PS]: Computational Geometry: An Introduction by Franco P. Preparata and Ian Shamos, First Edition.
* [dB]: Computational Geometry: Algorithms and Applications by Mark de Berg et al., Third Edition.
* [P]: Geometric Approximation Algorithms by Sariel Har-Peled, First Edition.

* [TS] denotes slides are from a talk

* AR stands for additional reading (no lecture delivered).
* OR stands for optional reading; lecture delivered but not included in exam syllabus