Last updated on the 26th November, 2017.


Announcement: Interested students for PhD would be welcomed without any threshold ...


Welcome to my homepage.


Office: E1-208, Phone: 0361-258-2630 (Work), 4630 (Home)

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I. Past teaching archives


II Present teaching: MA 541 Real Analysis, July - Nov 2017


MSc project student: One (completed), report.pdf


B.Tech project student: One (completed), report.pdf


Ph.D students:


1. Mr. Deb Kumar Giri, joined the PhD program in July 2013: Thesis submitted on 19th June, 2017.


2. Mr. Somnath Ghosh, Joined the PhD program in July 2015: State of art held on 05th May, 2017.


3. Mr. Rupak Kumar Dalia, Joined the PhD program in January 2016: State of art will be held before end of the odd semester, 2017.