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    IIT Guwahati

Summary of the project proposal for CD Cell during 2004 - 2005


Name of the Proposer & Dept. 
Type of Project
Title of the project 
1 Dr. P. K. Giri Physics  Lab. manual  B. Tech. Physics Laboratory  Completed
2 Dr. D.Chakraborty ME  Lecture notes  Design of Machine Elements 


3 Dr.S.K.Dwivedy & Dr. R.Tiwari, ME  Lecture notes  Dynamics of machinery  Completed
4 Dr. Liza Das HSS 

Lecture notes

Language and Communication  Completed
5 Dr. P. Mahanta ME Lecture notes  Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics  Completed
6 Dr. S.V.Rao CSE 

Lecture notes

 Discrete Mathematics  Completed
7 Dr. U. K. Saha ME 

Lecture notes

Preparation of lecture notes on Jet Propulsion  Completed