After a talk on Quantum Nature of Light & Entanglement by Prof. Ajoy Ghatak
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Optics Outreach
SPIE Officers' Meet @ SPIE Photonics West-2016

The SPIE IIT Guwahati student chapter came into existence officially on 30th of October, 2015 at the premises of Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati due to a proposal brought forward by some like-minded research scholars of the Department of Physics. The primary aim of the chapter is to popularise the field of optics among undergraduate students of the north-east. The students of most of the colleges and universities of north-east India are quite unaware of the various scopes and developments in the field of optics, as they rarely get the opportunity to explore the field and moreover they do not have a hard-core course on optics as they have for the other fields.

The main objective of the chapter is to inspire the students towards the field of optics through some events or awareness drive at various schools, colleges, institutes and universities of the north-eastern part of India, so that they may choose optics or related areas as their career. We aim in highlighting the various scopes, researches, developments, inventions, etc. in the field of optics and its related areas.

Outreach Education Programme

Important Dates
  • 29th August 2017
  • Venue
    • SSA Girls HS School, Barhampur
    • Shankar Dev Shishu Niketan, Barhampur
    • SSA Boys HS School, Barhampur
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    Organized by
    SPIE IIT Guwahati Student Chapter in association with Outreach Education programme and Department of Physics, IIT Guwahati
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    Organizing Committee

    Student Organizers
    • Mr. S S Goutam Buddha
    • Mr. Jagan M Rao
    • Mr. Prahlad Baruah
    • Mr. Rahul Kesarwani
    • Ms. Santanu Konwar
    • Mr. Pulak Talukdar
    Faculty Advisors
    • Dr. Bosanta R Boruah
    Tecnical Officers
    • Dr. Sidananda Sarma
    • Mr. Aditya Kalita
    All Members of SPIE-IITG Student Chapter