Akriti Gupta


Examination University Institute Year CPI/%
Bachelor of Technology IIT Guwahati IIT Guwahati 2010-14 8.30/10
Senior Secondary(Class XII) CBSE D.A.V. Public School 2009 88.40%
Secondary(Class X) CBSE Ishan International Public School 2007 89.50%
  • Cleared the Joint Entrance Examination for IITs (IIT-JEE) among top 0.2% students who appeared for it.
  • Recipient of Merit-cum-Means Scholarship, which entailed waivering of the tuition fee for the year 2010-11 and 2011-12.
  • Edge-Linking using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic

    [May-July 2012]

  • Guide: Prof. Frank C. H. Rhee,
    Computational Vision and Fuzzy Systems Laboratory,
    Hanyang University, ERICA, South Korea

    • I was awarded with complete sponsorship for this project by Hanyang School of Engineering.
    • Proposed an entirely new method for Edge-Linking by Type-2 Fuzzy Logic.
    • Project included first of all, the detection of lines (edges) using Canny Edge Detection method in an image and then connecting them with probability, based on the membership functions of type-2 fuzzy logic.
    • We are planning to submit our work for IEEE Fuzzy Conference, 2013, Hyderabad, India.

  • Training & Development of Human Resources

    [May-June 2011]

  • Guide: Ms. Veena Kumari,
    Manager, HR, Bihar State Office, Patna,
    Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. India

    • Project included assessment of Human Resource Planning, Training Policy and Training Budget of Indian Oil Corporation.
    • Suggested the strategies for improving HRD activities at Indian Oil Corporation.
    • Conducted SWOT analysis of employees and accordingly suggested the improvement in Training Strategy so as to have maximum quality output from available resources.
  • Cyclic Redundancy Code (CRC) Generation

    [August-November 2011]

    • Project under Prof. Amit Sethi, Assistant Prof, EEE Dept, IIT Guwahati.
    • Error correcting code were used while transmitting and receiving data bits.
    • Detected one bit flip when a sequence of bits was transmitted.
    • Implemented by appending extra bits in the actual data bits.

  • Coding in Microprocessor 8085

    [August-November 2011]

    • Using the microprocessor 8085, sorting of numbers, Binary-BCD Conversion & Vice-Versa, 2×2 Matrix Multiplication were executed.

  • Digital Signal Processing

    [August-November 2012]

    • Digital Signal transformation from analog to digital domain and processing using MATLAB.
    • Designed different types of filters and windows and compared their responses.

  • A multi-task feature learning approach to human detection (Ongoing)

    [January-April 2013]

    • Concept of Machine Learning and Image Processing is being used. We will be identifying people in given image data based on the features such as arms, face and legs.
    • With the help of algorithm, we will pre-train the hypothesis function to identify features in the given image and decide whether the image is human or non-human.

  • Motion-Detection using Passive Infrared Sensors (Ongoing)

    [January-April 2013]

    • The PIR sensor by the phenomenon of pyro-electricity senses the infrared radiation emitted by the body while in motion.
    • Automatic lighting is done with this sensor which is implemented by PIC Microcontroller, transmitter and receiver.

  • Implementation of BFSK, BPSK, BASK modulation schemes

    [July-November 2012]

    • Developed a code in Verilog to simulate different modulation schemes using Model Sim.
    • Generated Digital Sine Wave using inbuilt Core Generator in Xilinx and implemented different modulation schemes, BPSK, BASK and BFSK varying phase, amplitude and frequency respectively according to message bits i.e., 0 and 1. Frequency was varied according to the bit 0 and 1 using a 2X1 MUX.
  • Data Structure and Algorithms
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Calculus
  • Probability and Random Processes
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital Communication
  • Signals, Systems and Networks
  • Principles of Communication
  • Introduction to VLSI Design
  • Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition*
  • Communication Networks*
  • Information Theory and Coding*
  • Embedded Systems*
  • Digital Circuits and Microprocessors
  • Analog Integrated Circuits
  • Communication Laboratory
  • Digital Circuits Laboratory
  • Design Laboratory*
(* Marked courses are to be completed by the end of April 2013)
  • Programming Languages
  • Web Designing and Development
  • Scripting and Database System
  • Hardware Description Languages
  • Operating Systems
  • Engineering Packages
  • : C, C++, Python
  • : HTML, Adobe Photoshop
  • : PhP, MySQL
  • : Verilog(Xilinx), VHDL
  • : Windows(XP/Vista/7), LINUX (Ubuntu, Fedora)
  • : MATLAB, OpenCV, MultiSim, Mentor Graphics ModelSim, MS-Visual Studio, MS-Visio
  • Manual Robotics Competition, Techniche’10

    [September 2010]

    • This competition was a part of Techno-Management Festival of IIT-Guwahati, Techniche’10.
    • Designed and built an amphibious robot which could travel on land as well as in water.

  • NSS (National Service Scheme)


    • An active member of NSS for last two years.
    • Took part in cloth collection drive, teaching of village kids, teaching security guards and mess workers.
    • Participated in campus cleaning drive and tree plantation across the campus andnearby areas.
  • Regional Coordinator, Technothlon’11

    [July 2011]

    • It is an international school championship conducted by the students of IIT Guwahati.
    • Acting as the regional coordinator, co-ordinated with over 13 schools and organized the prelims in Patna for more than 1300 participants from class 9-12.

  • Fashion Show, Manthan’11

    [October 2011]

    • Manthan is an annual inter-hostel cultural festival of IIT Guwahati, in which fashion show is one of the major events.
    • Represented my hostel in the competition for the fashion show module and handled the entire responsibility of it.