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* Congratulations to Mr. S N Balaji for Submitting his thesis. *



Dr. Vishal Trivedi, Ph.D

Principal Investigator

Dr. Trivedi did his Ph.D from Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow in the field of Structural biology. While pursuing Ph.D he discovered a novel heme containing peroxidase from malaria parasite plasmodium falciparum. From his postdoctoral research at the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University and Molecular Oncology Research Institute, Tufts University, Boston, USA, he gained extensive research experience in the field of cell biology, intracellular signal transduction and immunology. Complete Profile


Mr. Anil Kumar D,

Graduate Student,

Drug Target Identification and Characterization.


Mr. Ankur Mishra,

Graduate Student

Hemin Detoxification System of Macrophages During Malaria.


Mr. Sooram Banesh,

Graduate Student

CD36 and Non-opsonic Phagocytosis in Macrophages.



Mr. Suman Jyoti Deka,

Graduate Student

Development of PKC agonist as Potent Anticancer agents.


Mr. S.N. Balaji,

Graduate Student

Micro-environment and anti-malarial Drug Discovery.


Ms. Vimee Raturi,

MTech Project Student

Exploiting Protein Phosphatase to develop anti-malarials.



Mr. Kangkan Kalita,

Junior Research Fellow,

Malaria Drug Discovery.


Mr. Dinesh Kr Kumawat,

BTech Project Student,

Drug Target Identification and Characterization.


Mr. Nitin,

Graduate Student,

Stress responsive Signaling in Malaria Parasite.



Ph.D Student:

Dr. Rohitash Deshmukh- Investigation of Macrophage Mediated Homeostasis during Malaria. [Currently Working as Assistant Professor in Shri Shankaracharya Institute Of Technology & Management, Junwani, Bhilai , Chattisgarh].

Dr. Kimjolly Lhouvum- Cloning, Over-expression and Biochemical Characterization of putative protease PFI1625c from Plasmodium Falcipaum 3D7. [Currently Working as Assistant Professor in NIT-Arunachalpradesh, Arunachal Pradesh].

Dr. Arnish Chakraborty- Characterization and activity profiling of candidate drugs against PFD0975w   from Plasmodium falciparum. [Currently working as Postdoc in ICGEB].

MTech Project Student:

Mr. Rajesh Chaurasia: Physio-chemical and Biological studies of novel anionic conjugated polymers to develop novel antimicrobial medicament.

Mr. Manu S: Exploring Plant products mediated inhibition of heamozoin formation:    Potentials in development of antimalarials.

Mr Rajesh Kumar- Exploring the membrane binding and potential antimicrobial activity of an amphipathic peptide derived from E. coli MreB protein. [Supervisor: Dr. NItin Chaudhary]

Ms Anupriya Mehra- Study the Cytoadherence of Uninfected RBCs to Endothelial Cells During  Malaria like Conditions. [Co-supervisor: Dr. Nitin Chaudhary]

Mr. Sushant Kumar: Testing the potentials of pathogenic endothelium in development of cerebral malaria. [Co-Supervisor: Dr. Nitin Chaudhary] 

Ms Richa Arya: Peptide based nanomaterial and bioactive agents. [Supervisor: Dr. Nitin Chaudhary].

Mr. Ankur Mishra : Hemin detoxification System in macrophages. [Co-Supervisor: Dr. Nitin Chaudhary].

Ms. Pallavi : Effect of Temperature on Host cells.

BTech Project Student

Mr. Uttej Talakola: Molecular modeling of PfRIO-2 kinase from plasmodium falciparum.

Mr. Ashwin Chandra- Development of string based antimalarial phytochemicals from northeastern plants.

Mr. K Bhuywar- Antimalarial potentials of bioactive peptides.

Mr. Nishit Sharma- Development of searchable string based antimalarial phytochemicals from northeastern plants.

Mr. Anish Jain-Screening of PKC agonists from chemical library: potentials in anticancer therapy.

Mr. Kushal Rathore- Molecular modeling of FIKK family kinases from plasmodium falciparum. 

Mr. Utkarsh Gupta: Population study to correlate environmental factors with diseases.

Mr. Ram Kumar: Development of Potent Antimalarials.

Project Staffaff

Mr. S N Balaji-Currently working as Ph.D student, IIT-Guwahati.
Mr. KMN Prasad- Currently working as Ph.D student, NIMR, New Delhi.
Ms Swagata Nag- Currently working as Ph.D student, NEHU-Shillong.
Ms Mitali Kumari
Mrs Ananya Bhowmik
Mr. Parag Nath
Ms Ankita Hazarika-Currently working as Ph.D student, Gauhati university
Mr. Anish Jain
Mr. Sourav Layek :
Mr. Sushant Kumar: Ph.D Student at IIT-Bombay