TEQIP Sponsored 3-day Short Term Course on Graph Algorithms: Centralized and Distributed, 23-25 May, 2016.

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Last date for completed applications to reach IIT Guwahati is:              April 18, 2016 (Monday)
Date of publishing of selected candidate's list ( in this website):            April 18, 2016 (Monday)

List of selected Candidates so far Click here
TEQIP Schedule (CDGA 2016)

No course fee/registation fee will be charged from participants of TEQIP mapped institutions and Central/State Govt. Funded Technical Institutions. However a course registration fee of Rs. 2000/- (per head) is charged from participants of other technical institutions.

Course Objective

The primary objective of the TEQIP short term course is to provide an understanding of the fundamentals of Graph Algorithms. Graph Algorithms have many applications in various domains such as Computer Network, Robotics, VLSI design and many more. There has been a huge progress in fundamental graph theory and algorithms. This course is an attempt to impart the important concepts among young researchers and teachers of various engineering colleges of North East as well as other parts of India. Of late, distributed computing has found its importance due to advent of recent technologies such as Peer to Peer Network, Skype, Social Networks etc. Many Fundamental problems in Distributed Computing are often modeled as a graph along with specific communication model. It is interesting and challenging to solve many classical problems of Graph Theory (Shortest path, MST, CDS etc) under distributed settings. The course will also impart insights in these directions.

Key Resource Persons
  • Faculties of IIT Guwahati
  • A few invited faculties from other institutions
Course Contents
  • Centralized Graph Algos:
    • Path
    • Cycle
    • Trees
    • Spanning Trees
    • CDS
    • MIS
  • Distributed Graph Algos:
    • Breadth First Search
    • Depth First Search
    • MST
    • Shortest Path Tree
    • CDS,MIS
    • Graph Coloring
Course Overview and Organization

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