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Date of Workshop:25th March 2015

Last date for online application:2nd March, 2015

Acceptance Date:5th March, 2015

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Dr. Ashish Anand

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Dr. Arnab Sarkar

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There are multiple challenges when we think of providing good healthcare to all, especially in the context of Indian scenario. A rough estimate suggests that there is approximately just one doctor for every 25,000 people. Therefore, the first and foremost challenge is to provide elementary healthcare to all individuals even in areas where there is an acute dearth of medical facilities. A study by WHO suggests that various ICT based automated procedures such as Health call centres, Emergency toll free telephone services, appointment and treatment compliance reminders etc. have been used worldwide. In India, one of the few commendable initiatives is Swasthya Slate, by Public Health Foundation of India, which is being used in several places across the world. Another challenge is the generation of electronic health records with related issues in storage and sharing. Several hospitals especially in private sectors are already keeping records, however every hospital does it in its own way. While having these records in a hospital has lots of benefits compared to paper-based records, their full potential in generating knowledge and in helping to find better cure for diseases will not be realized unless these records are not shared with researchers who can analyze them appropriately. The primary focus of the proposed symposium will be to brainstorm on the principal underlying technologies involved in the design of such automated systems. These technologies include natural language processing (NLP), big data analytics, embedded systems design, network security aspects, software development issues etc. The symposium will also deliberate on the practical deployment challenges of such systems.

Course Content

Tentative topics include –

1. Healthcare through mobile apps

2. Challenges in Electronic Health Record generation, storage and sharing

3. Analyzing EHRs: Role of NLP and Machine Learning

4. Smart health monitoring system


Speakers will be invited experts directly involved in such projects as well as faculties from IIT Guwahati working on these areas.