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Prof. K. Thyagarajan

28th Frebuary, 2017

We are very happy to announce that SPIE visiting lecture will be held on 28th of frebuary, 2017. The lecture will be delivered by one of the eminent personality in the field of optics and photonics, Prof. K.Thyagarajan, Department of Physics, IIT Delhi.

Prof. K. Thyagarajan
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Prof. K.Thyagarajan is currently a Professor at the Physics Department, IIT Delhi. He has held Visiting positions at Laboratoire Centrale de Recherches, Thomson-CSF France, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Florida, USA, University of Waterloo, Canada, the City University of Hong Kong and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. He has published more than 140 research papers in international journals, has filed five patent applications and is the co-author (with Professor A. K. Ghatak) of seven books, the latest being Fiber Optic Essentials, John Wiley, USA, 2007. In 1998 he was the co-recipient (with Prof B P Pal) of the "Fiber Optic Person of the Year 1997” award by Lucent Technologies- Finolex and Voice and Data, India. In 2003 he was decorated with the title of “Officier dans l’ordre des Palmes Académiques” by the French Government, in 2005 he was elected a Fellow of the Optical Society of America and in 2008 he was elected a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineers. He has been a consultant to Tejas Networks India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore looking into advanced issues related to high capacity communication through optical fibers. In 2011 he received the “Teaching Excellence Award” from IIT Delhi. His current research interests are in the fields of guided wave quantum optics, optical fiber amplifiers and nonlinear optical effects in waveguides.

Abstract of Talk

Guided wave optical devices for the generation and manipulation of entangled photon pairs

Quantum properties of light are being exploited for various applications in the field of information and communication technologies. These applications require novel sources of non-classical states of light such as entangled states. Nonlinear optical effect involving spontaneous parametric down conversion (SPDC) in which a high frequency pump photon splits into a pair of lower frequency photons is one of the most important process used for the generation of entangled photon pairs and is expected to find applications in a wide variety of quantum optics based systems. In this context integrated optic waveguides that confine and guide the interacting light waves over long interaction lengths can be compact and efficient as well as provide the designer with new geometries for achieving specific interactions that may not be feasible in bulk. It is expected that in the future, integrated optic devices will form basic building blocks for complex quantum circuits for various applications. The talk will discuss the process of SPDC in optical waveguides and present some of our recent work in the design of waveguide devices for the generation and manipulation of entangled photon pairs.

    Prof. K.Thyagarajan,
    Department of Physics, IIT Delhi
Date and Time
    Date: 28th Frebuary 2017
    Time: 11:00 AM
    Seminar Hall, Department of Physics, IIT Guwahati
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