The multidisciplinary faculty comprises of renowned names drawn from a vast variety of fields such as Product Design, Usability Engineering
and Interaction Design, Human Factors Engineering, Graphic and Information Design, Computer Graphics, and Internet Technologies and
Multimedia. Apart from this regular workshops and visiting faculty both from India and abroad bring an international perspective to complement
the education. In the past DOD had researchers and practising designers from countries like Germany, Israel, Denmark and Japan apart from
various Indian institutes.

The department comprises encouraging and energetic faculty, guiding students through every phase of design. Faculty members also provide consultancy to corporate institutions. Distinguished faculty, designers from renowned universities visit us every year and enrich our academic programme.

  Utpal Barua
Status Professor and Head of the Department
Interest area Basic Design, Graphic Design, Design Drawing and Visualization, Visual Design- Principles and Applications
Contact   utpalb@iitg.ernet.in , T: +91-361-2582452
Status Professor
Interest area Industrial Design, Rapid Prototyping and Tooling, Space Design, Facility Design, Environmental Graphics, Design for Disabled
Contact dasak@iitg.ernet.in, T: +91-361-2582454;

  Debkumar Chakrabarti
Status Professor
Interest area Ergonomics Research, Human Compatibility Factor, Design Ergonomics, Product-Environment Interface Design, Occupational Health, Participatory Ergonomics and Training
Contact dc@iitg.ernet.in, T: +91-361-2582453

  Pradeep G. Yammiyavar
Status Professor
Interest area HCI-UE-Interaction Design, Product Design, Design Semantics, Design Management, Experiential Design, Environment-Urban Infrastructure Interdisciplinary Design & Pedagogy, Design Research
Contact pradeep@iitg.ernet.in
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  Ravi Mokashi Punekar
Status Professor
Interest area   Industrial Design, Rapid Prototyping and Tooling, Space Design, Facility Design, Environmental Graphics, Design for Disabled
Ravi Mokashi Punekar is a Product Designer and Professor at the Departmentof Design, IIT Guwahati, where he is currently teaching in their three academic Design programs for the last 20 years. After an early stint in industry, he joined the Faculty of Industrial Design at the National Institute of Design in 1986 and was teaching in the Product Design descipline of the Faculty of Industrial Design. He is actively involved in Design Research and Product Design and Development activities. In addition he has held responsible administrative positions at IIT Guwahati as Associate Dean (Student Affairs') 2002-05; Head of the Department of Design 2005-09, Chairman, Faculty of Industrail Design, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, 1993-'98 and on the board of academic studies for three leading institutions.
Contact   mokashi@iitg.ernet.in, T: +91-361-2582455
  Avinash Shinde
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Product Design, Furniture Design, Lighting Design
Contact   savinash@iitg.ernet.in T: +91-361-2582458

  Charu Monga
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Visual communication, Design research, Visual Ethnography, Indigenous communities, Craft clusters, Film-making, Animation, Illustration, Game design, Edutainment.

With research interest in cross disciplinary domain and passion towards animation design, Charu Monga is a researcher with tilted interest in designing animations, film-making and games. Her current research aims to investigate variety of animation techniques to promote crafts, culture, tradition and empower educational areas. She uses animation techniques, films, videos, illustration, stories, technology, participatory approaches to express her design concepts.
She has taught at FTII-Pune, College of Arts-Delhi, NIFT-Kangra and worked as a game designer, animator and illustrator for various organizations. She has been associated with World Health Partners, Group Delphoenix, IDC-IIT Bombay, Foundation 9 Entertainment and Digikriti Entertainment for multiple research projects. Her work has been sponsored by Red-Cross Society, UNIFEM to exhibit in galleries such as Romain Rolland, Habitat Center and Lalit kala Academy to name a few. She was involved in cross-cultural researches on communication, design education paradigms and creativity methods, and has presented it in India and abroad.

Contact   charum@iitg.ernet.in, mailcharumonga@gmail.com, T: +91-361-2582470
  D. Udaya Kumar
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Graphic Design, Typography, Type Design, Information Graphics, Motion Graphics, Design Research, Exhibition Design, Architecture
Dr. D. Udaya Kumar is the designer of the Indian Rupee Symbol. He did his PhD in Design and Master’s degree in Design (Visual communication) from Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from School of Architecture and Planning. He worked as a senior designer and then as a design head in a monthly magazine – Intelligent Computing CHIP, Mumbai. He is a sports enthusiast and a nature lover.
Contact   d.udaya@iitg.ernet.in, d.udaya@gmail.com, T: +91-361-2582463

  Jagadish Kumar
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area

Visual Arts - Painting and Sculpture. Printmaking making - Lithography, Etching, woodcut, Linocut and Dry point. New Media Art, Installations, Video art and Sound Art. Traditional Calligraphy and Typography. Folk art and Tribal art studies. Indian and Western Art history and aesthetics.

Contact jagadishkumar@iitg.ernet.in, T: +91-361-2582480
  Keyur Sorathia
  Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Interaction Design, Gesture Controlled User Interfaces, Tangible Interfaces, Design for Development
Biodata Fascinated by immense power of technology and its ability to the way we live, Keyur Sorathia, Interaction Designer is interested in blending technology and design to enhance our everyday life experiences. To support his interests, his research explores understanding of new interaction modalities, gestural interfaces, tangible interaction and ubiquitous computing. He is currently running a lab called Embedded Interaction Lab (EILab), focused on tangible and gestural interactions and design for development. More information can be found at www.embeddedinteractions.com
Contact keyur@iitg.ernet.in, keyurbsorathia@gmail.com, T: +91-361-2582456, +91-8011693660
  Manoj Majhi
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Animation, Special Effects, Cartooning, Research Interest, Animation Movie history, Creation of Traditional Animation
Biodata With a Bachelors Degree in Industrial and Production Engineering , and a Masters Degree in Visual Communication added with 8 years of using it in the Braodcast medium of Satellite Television , with at least 15 multimedia promotional published every week a probing question kept nagging the creative mind , why am I doing this , who benefits from this etc. A decision to impart the knowledge I had acquired from my professional career to equip the education system to bridge the lacuna .I still feel we have not yet explored the Iceberg of the information that is available in the Media , we seem to be at the beginning tip of the iceberg . This does inspire a cerative person to try out things that have not been explored yet .Instaed of re-inventing the wheel , we designers should be inventing innovative utility of the wheel for today's context.
Contact   manojmaj@iitg.ernet.in , T: +91-361-2582462
  Mriganka Madhukailya
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Short Film , New Media Theory, Documentary film, Video art, Participatory video
Contact   mriganka@iitg.ernet.in, T: +91-361-2582461

  Nanki Nath
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Graphic Design, Typography, Wayfinding & Signage Design, Visual Research methods, Content Development, Photography


Nanki Nath did her Post Graduation in Graphic Design from National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad (2005-2008). At NID, her visual research-based final year project aimed to design the complete Wayfinding Design strategy and signage designs for old city Jaipur with a team of architects and urban designers from CEPT Ahmedabad. This live project was part of a range of 41 projects of revitalization of the city of Jaipur; given to CEPT Ahmedabad by the Project Development Corporation of Rajasthan (PDCOR) between 2006-2007. After completion of this project, in 2008, she joined Integrated Design Services (IDS) at NID as a junior visualizer for industry-affiliated consultancy projects.  In 2009, she was called as a Visiting Faculty to conduct the course of ‘Typography & Layout for Document Design’ by Indian Institute of Crafts & Design (IICD), Jaipur. Since 2009 till 2014, she joined as a full-time teaching assistant and doctoral student with Industrial Design Centre (IDC), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB). Her publications since 2009 till date, involve print and web proceedings in international conferences and national magazines and one journal publication is in review. At IDC, she got the opportunity to assist for the course of Visual Syntactics for M.Des. students; and was also invited for talks on her project work on Bilingual typography and typeface design case study as part of the course of typography for M.Des. students at IDC. Her recently submitted doctoral thesis in 2015, formulates a visual analytical framework of colour in shop signs in India across selected cities and time periods. In the current role of Assistant Professor at the Design Department at IITG since 2014, she has taught Graphic Design studio techniques to B.Des. students and Basic Typography to M. Des. students. She also got the opportunity to contribute as a Guest Editor in the special issue on Women Researchers' in India, in the esteemed e-newsletter, namely 'Design for All Institute of India', New Delhi in 2014. In the same year, she was part of the design co-ordination team of faculty members for Exhibition Display Design of DoD student work for International Ergonomics Conference "HWWE 2014" at Design Department, IITG. Her other areas of interests include Design Thinking and Pedagogy, Design Education, Design Research Methods for furthering the discipline of Visual Communication in context of India. Research
nanki.nath@iitg.ernet.in, nankinath@gmail.com, T: +91-361-2582478
  Pankaj Upadhyay
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area

Product Design, Industrial Design, Design for Manufacture, Rapid Prototyping, Consumer Product Design, Industrial Equipment Design, Biomimicry

Biodata   Pankaj is a Product Designer from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Silchar. He has an in-depth experience in the area of product design, development and manufacturing which he gained working with an Indian multinational company designing and developing products, ranging from consumer brown goods to heavy electrical equipment for substations. He believes in the philosophy that design is always from the inside out and anything that is not beautiful on the inside can't truly be called beautiful. Beautiful design works well and looks good doing so. He swears by the motto "Minimum human intervention and maximum human value". During his four year tenure with the Indian multinational company he applied for more than 50 design registrations and 4 collaborative patents. He loves to spend time sketching, playing the guitar and reading..
Contact pankaj.upadhyay@iitg.ernet.in, T: +91-361-2582479
  Prasad Bokil
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Visual language, Design semiotics, Graphic Design, Type Design, Story telling, Design Research, Design ontoloy
Contact   prasad.bokil@iitg.ernet.in, prasad.bokil@gmail.com, T: +91-361-2582468

  Shareka Iqbal
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Adaptive Reuse, Solar Passive Architecture
Contact   shareka.iqbal@iitg.ernet.in , T: +91-361-2582460
  Sharmistha Banerjee
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Design for sustainability, Bio-inspired design, Medical Product Design
She did her bachelor in Industrial Design from IIT Guwahati and a master in Integrated Product Design from Technical University of Delft, Netherlands. She is focused in the area of sustainable product & system evelopment in a collaborative work environment. One of her most challenging project has been the design of a novel non-destructive and sustainable plant based cancer chemotherapy drug extraction system by using electric field. The collaborative team consisted of a physicist, biologist, chemist, electronics engineer, industrial designer, ecological philosopher and horticulturist. In the past few years, she has worked with companies like Philips, Infosys, MIDCO, VU Medical University Amsterdam, Conpax Verpakking, Beat Belly, Botanische Tuin Delft, ACC Ltd,Instillmotion and educational institutes like IDC, IIT Bombay, L'Ecole de Design (Indian Operations), Nantes-Atlantique, France and MAEER's MIT Institute of Design, Pune.
Contact sharmistha@iitg.ernet.in , T: +91-361-2582469
  Sheetal M. Gokhale

Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Film & Video,Story telling & Visual Scripting, Animation, Graphic Design
Contact sheetalg@iitg.ernet.in, T: +91-361-2582481; M-+91-8486473169
  Shrivastava Abhishek
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Interaction Design, Speech User Interfaces and Multimodal Interface Design, Design for Development, New Media, Graphic Design and Cartooning.
Biodata   Visit Personal Webpage
Contact   shri@iitg.ernet.in T: +91-361-2582471
  Sougata Karmakar

Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Virtual Simulation (CAD and Digital Human Modeling) 2. Physical Ergonomics (Product and Workstation design), Cognitive Ergonomics (Information processing), Design and work environment, Design and Occupational Health
Biodata He received M.Sc in Physiology (2003) from Burduan University, W.B.; Ph.D. in Physiology (Sept’ 2009) from the Bharathiar University, T.N. and PGDM in Human Resource Management from Pondicherry University, India. He gained research expertise in ergonomics from DIPAS, DRDO, Delhi (Nov’ 2004-Nov’2009). He also worked as Asst. Prof. in Krishnagar Govt. College, W.B. and K.G. College of Health Sciences, T.N., India
Contact karmakar.sougata@iitg.ernet.in, karmakar.sougata@gmail.com, T: +91-361-2582464; M-+91-8011403513
  Supradip Das
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area

Origami inspired product Development, Toy for tomorrow, Paper craft, Transformable furniture, Structural packaging Design and Product development from aboriginal science and technology



Contact   supradip.das@iitg.ernet.in, supradip@alumni.iitg.ernet.in, T: +91-361-2582474, M: +91-      8011892334
  Swati Pal
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Ergo-design & Innovation, Physical Ergonomics, Cognitive Ergonomics, Design and Biomechanics, Occupational Health
Contact swatipal@iitg.ernet.in, T: +91-361-2582477, +91-361-2584477
  Urmi Ravindra Salve
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Human Factor Engineering, Occupational Ergonomics, Cognitive Ergonomics, Research Methodology

After completing her Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Physiology with specialization of Ergonomics and Work Physiology in the year 2003, Dr Salve went on to pursuit her Ph.D. on Human Factors and Ergonomics from the University of Calcutta which is the Mecca of top notch ergonomists of national and international fame. She has successfully completed her doctoral program in the year of 2012. She has almost ten years research experience in the field of ergonomics and human factors engineering in different research bodies including TIFAC–CORE NITIE, National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai, India. She further worked in the field of Occupational Hygiene at National Institute of Miners’ Health, Department of Mines, Govt. of India. She also has more than three years experience in the field of Human Resource Management (teaching and practicing) in different industry. Presently Dr Salve is Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. She has expert level proficiency on Academics and Research. She was also an instructor for the post graduate Diploma level course (DErg) at NITIE. She has completed many industry level ergonomics evaluation and intervention using cutting edge outcome measures including REBA, RULA, QEC, NMQ, JSI, MFA, OWAS etc. she has more than 22 full study and abstract publication on the top level Indian and international journals and conference proceedings. She has attended and organized numerous conferences and workshops, written study materials on the concerned subjects and lectured on various institutions.

Contact urmi.salve@iitg.ernet.in, meeturmi@gmail.com, T: +91-361-2582473
  Swaroop Roy
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Automobile  Design & Styling, Automobile Sketching and Rendering, Advance Automotive Forms, Concept Design ( Character , vehicles , environment. etc ), Illustrations

After studying BE Mechanical and Masters in Design, he started his career with TATA MOTORS DESIGN as designer for four and half year and worked on various projects of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. TATA 3723 Truck displayed in Delhi Auto Expo 2012 was a launch of India’s first 5-Axel truck, where both exterior and interior was designed by him. Then moved HYUNDAI DESIGN as a senior designer for one and half year and worked as a lead to guide the team for various Hyundai car projects. He had worked on Hyundai Avante for China at the Head quarter i.e. Hyundai Motors Design, Namyang , Korea and Advance Design Studio at Seoul. He was also a visiting faculty for MIT Institute of Design Pune for Transportation Design.
His sketch works had been published in various Design websites like Simkom.com , Allthesketches.com, Idrawcars.com, artissimo.tumblr.com, automotiveartists.com, 4to40.com, clustr.com. etc. He is also a member of International Designer group “ Creative Pot “.
A glimpse of his works could be found here : https://swarooproy.artstation.com/

Contact swarooproy@iitg.ernet.in, roy.swaroop@gmail.com, T:+91-361-2582475

Visiting Faculty

  Abhishek Singh
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Automotive Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Design Research
Contact abhisheksingh11@iitg.ernet.in, abhishekdod@gmail.com, T: +91-361-2582466, 7663036934
  Pratul Kalita
Status Assistant Professor
Interest area Design Management, Design Methods, Systems Approach to Design, Design for Development.
Biodata   Pratul Ch. Kalita has widespread Industrial and Academic experience in the field of design, technology and management. He did Bachelor of Engineering in Production Engineering and Management from National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur, followed by Master of Marketing Management from Pondicherry University (Central University). He obtained PhD in Design from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati in the area of Design Management. He served for JMT Auto, Jamshedpur in CNC manufacturing and control; BOC India (now Linde Group), in design and erection of air separation and hydrogen plants. He is one of the founder members of Acumen Consultancy Services, Kolkata. Prior to IITG, he was an assistant professor in Assam Institute of Management, Guwahati with focus area of Design Management. He has been instrumental in establishment of industry institute partnership in the North Eastern region. He has published research papers in reputed international journals and conference proceedings. He has provided consultancy services to many prestigious Government projects including PMEGP, SJSRY,PMRY etc.
Contact   pratulkalita@iitg.ernet.in, pratul_kalita@yahoo.co.in  T: +91-361-2582460

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