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Group Members

Present Members

Ph.D. Students
1. Darilang Mawrie, M. Sc
Working on identifying novel stem cell populations from human tissues

2. Atul Kumar, B. Tech
Working on chemo-resistance in leukemia

3. Chinnapaka Somaiah, M. Sc.
Working on the role of Rho GTPases in stem cells and cancer cells

4. Alok Kumar, M. Sc
Started his work on survival/death pathways in mesenchymal stem cells

Junior Research Fellow
1. Bijuli Rabha, M.Sc

Master's Project Students
1. Shashank Mishra, B.
2. Vinoh Swu

Undergraduate Project Student(s)
1. Saurabh Gulati
2. Vivek Singhal
3. Amit Sharma
4. Sagar Singh

Summer project Interns (Selected for May-July 2014)
1. Priyanka Barua
2. Krishna Kishore

Last updated: Apr 2014