Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering

Stem Cell and Cancer Biology Group

Group Members


Ph.D. Students

Trishna Anand, M. Tech
Trishna is studying
leukemia-stromal interaction.

Sreeja Dattachoudhury, M. Sc
Sreeja will be studying the cellular mechanisms of cancer metastasis.

Renu Sharma, M. Sc
Renu is studying the signaling pathways during cancer metastasis.

Debasmita Patra, M. Sc
Debasmita is currently doing her course work.

Nongmaithem Abita Devi, M. Sc
Abita is currently doing her course work. 

M.Tech Project Student(s)

1. Amit Sharma, B.Tech
Amit is using computational biology approach to understand gene regulation in cancer.

2. Navonil Gogoi, B. Tech (External)
ID4 in TNBC chemoresistance

B.Tech Project Student(s)

1. Jain Shreyans Mayank
2. Murari Jha (

Alumni (PhD students)

1. Atul Kumar
2. Darilang Mawrie
3. Chinnapaka Somaiah

Last updated: Apr 2017