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Group Members

Present Members

Ph.D. Students

Atul Kumar, B. Tech
Atul is interested in studying chemo-resistance in leukemia. He looks at the various oncogene dependent and independent signaling pathways that might contribute to the chemo-resistance in leukemia. He utilizes cell lines and primary cells to identify the key molecules that can be targeted for combinatorial therapy.

Chinnapaka Somaiah, M. Sc.
Chinnapaka studies RhoA signaling in stem and cancer cells. He also looks at the role of different ECM molecules in controllingMSC differentiation.

Trishna Anand, M. Tech
Trishna studies the signaling mechanisms that control the growth and metastasis of breast cancer cells. She will look at different aspects of the metastasis pathway to identify key molecules that can be targeted for therapy.

Darilang Mawrie, M. Sc
Darilang studies the characteristics and differentiation potential of MSC isolated from extra ocular muscle tissue. She specifically looks at their differentiation into neuroectodermal lineage cells.

Sreeja Dattachoudhury, M. Sc
Sreeja is currently exploring the topics for her thesis work.

Renu Sharma, M. Sc
Renu is currently doing her course work and exploring her research topic simultaneously.

M.Tech Project Students


Amit Sharma, B.Tech
Amit is interested in studying stroma-cancer interaction in promoting cancer metastasis. He studies signaling pathways by over-expression and silencing cell surface receptors in stromal cells to decipher their effect on cancer metastasis.

B.Tech Project Students

Jain Shreyans Mayank


Last updated: Jun 2016