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 Recent evidences show that the bone marrow stroma through direct cell-cell contact and/or  secreted factors contribute to cancer development, progression and chemo-resistance. In this context, we are studying the role of bone marrow stroma in the development and progression of hematologic malignancies and other cancers.

 Stem Cells
Our lab is interested in studying Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC), which are adult multipotent cells from bone marrow and other connective tissue.  MSC have got the capacity to differentiate into bone, cartilage, muscle, fat and neurons. Our special focus is on the biology, differentiation potential, aging, cytoskeleton and migration behavior of MSC.

Cell Therapy
A limiting factor in utilizing MSC for cell therapy is their cell death in vivo within few hours of intravenous injection. Even after intra-osseous injection in animal models, the survival rate of bone marrow derived MSC in vivo is very low. Therefore we are trying to understand their in vivo survival/death mechanisms that might help to improve the efficacy of these cells for therapy.

Research Projects

1. Study of apoptotic pathways (DBT-NE twinning project)
2. Role of Rho GTPase RHOA (DBT RGYI project)
3. Cytoskeleton and migration (DST Fast Track Project)
4. Bone marrow microenvironment (ICMR-Adhoc project)

5. Isolation of stem cells from limbal and extra ocular muscle (ICMR seed grant)


1. Hematology, Gauhati Medical College Hospital, Guwahati, India
2. Sri Sankaradev Nethralaya, Guwahati, India
3. University of Baroda, India

Last updated: Mar 2015