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Open Positions

Ph.D. positions [July 2014]
Two positions are expected to be available to start from July 2014. Interested candidates should apply through IITG PhD admission program.
PhD students joining stem cell biology lab will be initially trained in common cell culture techniques (if necessary) and will be given a project for which preliminary results are already available. If required, the student will also be allowed to develop a research project based on common research interest.

Junior/Senior Research Fellow (JRF/SRF) positions
Currently not available. JRF/SRF positions might soon be available in future.

Project students (internal)

Post doctoral fellows
The stem cell biology group is seeking for post doctoral fellows. 
Interested candidates with experience in stem cell culture, molecular biology techniques and a strong desire to pursue stem cell biology research are encouraged to contact with CV and project proposal for more information.
Post-doctoral fellows are encouraged to seek external funding and work in the group will be on developing projects based on novel/new concepts in translational research.

Summer Training for external students
Positions closed.
Depending on the requirement in the lab at that time point, summer trainees will be involved in gene cloning in mammalian expression vectors and validating the clones by PCR / expression in cell lines.
The students will also be trained in common cell culture techniques.

B.Tech/M.Tech/M.Sc dissertation projects for external students
No open position is currently available for external students.

Last updated: Jan 2014