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Current Semester (July-Nov 2015)

BT301M Cellular Biotechnology

Animal cells: Cell Biotechnology; Cell culture media and techniques; Cell and tissue engineering; Stem cells; Tissue differentiation and development;
Organ transplantation and immunotolerance; Cloning and cell sorting;

Plant cells: Somaclonal variation; Synthetic seed development; Cryopreservation, Cell culture products;

Transgenic plants and animals.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate courses (B.Tech)
1. BT 101 Modern Biology
2. BT 208 Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering
3. BT 303 Immunology
4. BT 308 Animal Cell Biotechnology

Elective courses (B.Tech, M. Tech and Ph.D)
5. BT 605 Gene Therapy
6. BT 632 Stem Cells, Cancer & Therapy

Last updated: Mar 2015