Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering

Stem Cell and Cancer Biology Group


Semester (July-Nov 2017)

BT 303 Immunology

Introduction to immune system; evolution of immunity; elements of Immune system; cell migration & inflammation; immunogens & antigens; antibody structure and function - catalytic Antibodies, antigen antibody interactions, humoral and cellular immunity - MHC, antibody diversity, dendritic cells (APC), control mechanisms in the immune response cytokines - complement - autoimmunity; immunity to different types of pathogens, vaccination; tumor immunology; immune diseases and disorders; transplantation immunology; co-stimulatory pathways; hybridoma and immunoassays.

Class notes:
 class notes 1, class notes 2, class notes 3, class notes 4

Courses Taught

Undergraduate courses (B.Tech)
1. BT 101 Modern Biology
2. BT 208 Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering
3. BT 303 Immunology
4. BT 308 Animal Cell Biotechnology
5. BT301M Cellular Biotechnology

Elective courses (B.Tech, M. Tech and Ph.D)
6. BT 605 Gene Therapy
7. BT 632 Stem Cells, Cancer & Therapy
8. BT636 Tissue Engineering and Stem Cells

Last updated: Aug 2017